Announcing QEMUCare - Virtualization Host Live Patching|

Announcing QEMUCare – Live Patching for your virtualization hosts

TuxCare Team

September 1, 2021


The TuxCare Team is proud to announce QEMUCare, the live patching solution for your QEMU virtualization host systems. Now you can keep these systems updated and secure without disruption to the running virtual machines. This also means no maintenance window is required, protecting your business needs from IT issues, and keeping your stakeholders happy at the same time.

This adds another pillar to the TuxCare family of security and support services. These now cover live patching the Kernel, shared userspace libraries and virtualization software, as well as support for EOL and current Linux distributions.

Does your business rely on virtualization for its IT infrastructure – and which ones don’t these days? If that virtualization is provided by QEMU, the popular virtualization solution for Linux, then TuxCare has something new for you.

Maintenance operations around Linux systems have been improved through TuxCare’s Live Patching technology for some time now. You no longer have to reboot your systems when you apply security patches to the Kernel. You also no longer need to restart your services because the shared libraries had a new vulnerability disclosed. But if the virtualization software QEMU requires patching, you still have to orchestrate complex virtual machine migrations to perform the maintenance. That was until now.

Virtualized workloads are the backbone of IT infrastructure, and patching the hosts where they are running has traditionally been disruptive and complex, requiring lengthy and costly maintenance windows. QEMUCare is a game-changer, completely eliminating all migrations and disruptions, while ensuring patches are applied as soon as they are available – all this without affecting the virtual machines in any way.

This means a significantly reduced network bandwidth usage, less time spent on maintenance operations and a higher efficiency when securing your systems.

It’s no longer necessary to affect regular business activities simply because a new high risk vulnerability has been announced and a patch needs to be deployed – this will now happen transparently as the system continues to operate normally.

QEMUCare also helps with compliance. If your activities have compliance requirements involving security patching deployment or reporting, it is now easier to achieve this with Live Patching. All the operations are fully automated and auditable, and reporting can easily be integrated into popular and already in-place monitoring and automation tools.

Find out more about QEMUCare HERE and discover how it can improve your IT activities, streamlining operations and eliminating business disruption.

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