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Case Study: Using KernelCare To Achieve SOC2 Compliance

February 4, 2020 - TuxCare PR Team

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A global financial services company (name confidential) recently implemented KernelCare Enterprise to resolve a difficult Linux kernel patching situation and achieve SOC2 compliance. Read our latest case study to learn how it did that.

The company has a vast number of Linux servers that process billions of payments every day. Keeping its servers running constantly is essential to its business, but its servers employ a wide variety of kernels. And, because they store sensitive financial data, these servers are strictly firewalled off from the Internet.

To patch the kernels of its firewalled servers while keeping them up and running–and showing SOC2 auditors that they’re protected against all common vulnerabilities–the company turned to KernelCare.

  • First of all, the company employed KernelCare because KernelCare patches kernels without server reboots. This met the company’s primary need: that its servers would remain up and running constantly.
  • Also, KernelCare ensured that all the different kernels in use at the company–a mix of new, old, and custom kernels–would be patched and secure against all CVEs.
  • Additionally, although the company’s servers were strictly firewalled off from the Internet, KernelCare’s E-Portal patch server guaranteed patch delivery with no Internet connection.
  • Finally, KernelCare’s scanner interface ensured that reports from vulnerability scanners such as Tenable, Rapid7, and Qualys were accurate and included no false positives.

All of this resulted in the SOC2 auditors’ demands being met in less than two weeks!

By using KernelCare, the company quickly resolved its kernel patching issues to achieve SOC2 compliance.

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