ClickCease Debian 12.2 Arrived with 52 Security Updates and 117 Bug Fixes

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Debian 12.2 Arrived with 52 Security Updates and 117 Bug Fixes

Rohan Timalsina

October 20, 2023 - TuxCare expert team

Debian 12.2 was released on October 7, 2023. This update arrived two and a half months after the previous Debian 12.1 release, mainly addressing security issues and other problems. The Debian Project mentioned that this point release does not include a new version of Debian 12, but the packages have been updated to newer versions.


Debian 12.2 Includes 52 Security Updates

This version includes all security updates released for Debian 12 from July 16 to September 29. Security advisories were already released for each of these updates. Some of them include fixes for multiple security issues discovered in the Linux kernel and packages, including Chromium, firefox, thunderbird, OpenJDK-11, and Curl. Additionally, 117 bugs have been fixed in different packages.

For complete details of bug fixes and security updates, you can refer to the Debian announcement.

Also, multiple security advisories have been released after September 29, so it is essential to apply those updates to keep your system safe.


Final Thoughts

The new Debian ISOs are mainly useful for those who wish to install a fresh copy of Debian 12 “Bookworm.” With the new Debian 12.2 ISOs, users do not have to update a lot of packages after the installation. However, you will have to do some updates as the Debian security team continuously provides fixes for discovered issues.

New users can run the apt-get update && apt-get upgrade command to get the updated packages. After updating, a reboot is required.

Existing users can run the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade command to upgrade their installations to Debian 12.2.

The Debian Project reminds us that the users who frequently update the packages from might not have to update as those are primarily included in this point release.

Also, the Debian Project released Debian 11.8 on the same day with 94 bug fixes and 115 security updates. Find more on this release announcement page.


The sources for this article can be found on Debian News.

Debian 12.2 Arrived with 52 Security Updates and 117 Bug Fixes
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Debian 12.2 Arrived with 52 Security Updates and 117 Bug Fixes
Discover what’s new in Debian 12.2, the latest version of Debian 12 “Bookworm” edition. Upgrade now to get 52 security updates.
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