ClickCease Google Pixel Firmware Zero-Day Flaw Exploited And Patched

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Google Pixel Firmware Zero-Day Flaw Exploited And Patched

Wajahat Raja

June 24, 2024 - TuxCare expert team

Google has recently issued a warning regarding a critical security flaw affecting Google Pixel Firmware, which has been actively exploited as a zero-day vulnerability. Identified as CVE-2024-32896, this high-severity issue involves an elevation of privilege, potentially allowing attackers to gain unauthorized access on affected devices.

Nature of the Memory-Related Vulnerability


The zero-day exploit in question, CVE-2024-32896, represents a significant risk as it enables attackers to elevate their privileges within the Pixel Firmware, circumventing normal security protocols. Google has acknowledged that this flaw is currently being exploited in targeted attacks, though specific details about these incidents have not been disclosed publicly.

Google Pixel Firmware – Immediate Security Updates Released


In response to the limited targeted exploitation of CVE-2024-32896, Google has swiftly released a security update for its Pixel devices. The June 2024 security patch includes fixes for a total of 50 vulnerabilities, with a focus on mitigating risks posed by both hardware and software components. Notably, five of these vulnerabilities pertain to various components within Qualcomm chipsets.

Pixel-Specific Updates


Unlike standard Android devices, Pixel smartphones receive dedicated security updates directly from Google. This distinction ensures that Pixel users receive prompt fixes for vulnerabilities like CVE-2024-32896 , safeguarding their devices from potential exploitation.

Recommendations for Pixel Users


Google emphasizes the importance of promptly applying the June 2024 Google Pixel Firmware security update to all supported Pixel devices. Users are encouraged to navigate to Settings > Security & privacy > System & updates > Security update, where they can initiate the installation process. It is essential to restart the device after installation to ensure that all security fixes are fully implemented.

Previous Incidents and Forensic Firm Exploits


Earlier this year, Google addressed other zero-day vulnerabilities in Pixel devices that were exploited by forensic companies. For instance, CVE-2024-29748, initially exploited to bypass device security measures, has been effectively patched as part of ongoing security enhancements.

Industry Response and Google’s Commitment


GrapheneOS, a privacy and security-focused Android derivative, highlighted the importance of these updates in enhancing user security. They noted that while fixes like CVE-2024-32896 are currently specific to Pixel devices, broader Android updates are expected to integrate similar patches in future releases.

Broader Security Landscape


Beyond Pixel-specific vulnerabilities, the broader Android ecosystem faces ongoing security challenges. Recent alerts from Arm regarding memory-related vulnerabilities in GPU drivers (Bifrost GPU Kernel Drivers and Valhall GPU Kernel Drivers) serve as a reminder of the diverse zero-day threats targeting mobile devices. Google continues to collaborate with industry partners to address these vulnerabilities comprehensively.



In conclusion, the proactive release of the June 2024 Google Pixel Firmware security update by Google underscores its commitment to mitigating critical vulnerabilities like CVE-2024-32896. Pixel users are strongly advised to apply these updates promptly to protect their devices from potential exploitation. As threats evolve, zero-day threat intelligence, ongoing vigilance, enhanced cybersecurity measures and timely updates remain essential in maintaining device security and safeguarding user data.


The sources for this piece include articles in The Hacker News and Bleeping Computer.

Google Pixel Firmware Zero-Day Flaw Exploited And Patched
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Google Pixel Firmware Zero-Day Flaw Exploited And Patched
Discover how the Google Pixel Firmware faces a zero-day flaw (CVE-2024-32896). Learn about the fix and why updating is crucial for security.
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