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PHP Extended Lifecycle Support and cPanel integration

Joao Correia

August 16, 2022 - Technical Evangelist

PHP is used to power a vast number of websites on the Internet, some of which will be hosted side-by-side on the same system. When using cPanel to manage those websites, the PHP Extended Lifecycle Support offering will be tightly integrated into cPanel’s PHP Selector, allowing for easier configuration on a site-by-site basis.


Integration with PHP Selector

  • Login to cPanel with a domain manager account
  • Under “Select PHP Version”,  open the dropdown menu next to “Current PHP Version” and select the desired one. PHP ELS installed versions will show up in this dropdown.
  • Select “Set As Current”
PHP Version selector
How to select a different PHP version for a specific domain.


If you want to override a specific domain’s PHP version as the cPanel root user, you can do so like this:

  • Login to cPanel as the root user
  • Under “Domain Settings”, find the desired website/domain
  • Change the PHP version to the desired one

All this can be configured straight from cPanel’s administrative interface with no need to drop to the command line. For hosters, this gives your tenants the ability to configure it themselves without having to contact your support team, and for the site administrator, this makes it easier and faster to change when you have the need for it, rather than having to go through the motions and opening a support ticket and waiting for a reply.


Integration with MultiPHP INI Editor

PHP Extended Lifecycle Support also directly connects with MultiPHP INI Editor, a cPanel module that lets you have different configurations for different PHP websites/domains. Again, you can make adjustments to settings directly from the cPanel interface without having to use the CLI, enabling faster and more convenient access to different settings. Any newly installed PHP ELS version will show up in the MultiPHP INI Editor interface.

PHP MultiPHP INI Editor interface
PHP MultiPHP INI Editor interface provides in-browser configuration access to settings defined inside php’s ini file.

You can learn more about PHP Extended Lifecycle Support here.

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