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The Safest Browsers for Linux Users

September 1, 2022 - TuxCare PR Team

Security remains a top priority for Linux users worldwide. Apart from security, users are interested in browsers that can guarantee privacy. especially in a world where third-party applications and social media platforms use their data secretly and without consent.

While many users want secure browsers that will keep them safe and prevent their browsers from being tampered with by third parties and cyberattacks, many are unaware of the browsers that can guarantee their security.

Linux is an operating system. An operating system is software that manages all hardware resources connected to a desktop or laptop.

Among the best browsers for Linux users that can offer maximum security are Ungoogled Chromium, GoLogin, Brave, Vivaldi, and Tor.

Ungoogled Chromium is an open source version of Google Chrome that offers Linux users independence from Google’s web services (Google Hotwording, Host Detector, URLs, tracking, Sage Browsing, etc), replaces Google’s web services with open source alternatives, blocks all pop-up windows in all tabs, and removes and replaces with custom alternatives binaries from source codes.

GoLogin is an anti-detect borrower that allows users to use multiple accounts at the same time. It offers a number of advantages, including the separation of customized profiles for each account, control of digital fingerprint, suitable for teamwork, anonymous surfing, installation on an unlimited number of devices, access to the TOR VPN network and free proxies’ inclusion.

Brave Browser provides users with a VPN to change their IP address. It also offers some other benefits, including the end of tracking and invasive advertising on every website visited, separation of incognito windows with private search, blocking cookies and reducing digital fingerprints, protecting users from malware and phishing, the anonymous browsing option on the Internet, and others.

Vivaldi can customize all settings to increase user security. Other advantages include blocking tracking, blocking all add-ons without extensions and plugins, regular updates, a user-friendly interface similar to Chromium, no recording of the user’s personal data by Vivaldi itself, end-to-end encryption for synchronized days, and others.

Tor offers remarkable benefits for all Linux distributions. Tor offers hefty benefits such as torrent prevention, user-friendly anonymous browsing, tracking protection, the ability to change geolocation and avoid censorship, and the ability to access the dark web.

The sources for this piece include an article in LINUXSTANS.

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