ClickCease Ukrainian REvil Hacker Gets 13-Year Sentence Plus $16M Fine

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Ukrainian REvil Hacker Gets 13-Year Sentence Plus $16M Fine

Wajahat Raja

May 17, 2024 - TuxCare expert team

In a significant victory against cybercrime, the Ukrainian REvil hacker has been sentenced to over 13 years in prison and ordered to pay a hefty fine of $16 million for orchestrating thousands of ransomware attacks, resulting in cyber extortion of victims worldwide. In this blog, we’ll look at the details of this Kaseya supply chain attack as well as the consequences the attacker faced.


The Case Against Ukrainian REvil Hacker

Yaroslav Vasinskyi, also known as Rabotnik, aged 24, was part of the notorious
REvil ransomware gang. Together with his associates, Vasinskyi executed more than 2,500 ransomware attacks, demanding cryptocurrency payments amounting to over $700 million.

Sophisticated Tactics and Financial Manipulation:

The modus operandi of Vasinskyi and his cohorts involved demanding
ransom payments in cryptocurrency and utilizing various cryptocurrency exchangers and mixing services to obscure their illicit gains. Additionally, they resorted to publicly exposing victims’ data to coerce ransom payments.

The Extent of the Operation

Vasinskyi and his associates employed various tactics to extort their victims. They utilized cryptocurrency exchangers and mixing services to obscure the origins of their illicit gains. Additionally, they resorted to exposing victims’ data publicly when ransom demands were not met, intensifying the pressure on affected parties.

Ransomware Attacker Sentencing

After being apprehended in Poland in October 2021, Vasinskyi was extradited to the United States in March 2022 to face trial. He pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit fraud, damage to protected computers, and conspiracy to commit
money laundering, in the Northern District of Texas.

Dark Web Criminal Justice

Apart from the prison sentence, the
Ukrainian REvil hacker has been ordered to pay a staggering $16 million cybercrime restitution. Moreover, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) has successfully secured the forfeiture of millions of dollars in ransom payments associated with the case, further crippling the illicit gains of the perpetrators.


This landmark verdict underscores the importance of international cooperation in combating cybercrime. Vasinskyi’s extradition and subsequent trial demonstrate the commitment of global law enforcement agencies to hold cybercriminals accountable for their actions.

Broader Implications And Combat Mechanisms


Cybercrime syndicates pose a significant threat to global cybersecurity. The sentencing of Ukrainian REvil hacker follows a series of high-profile cybercrime indictments. In a separate case, Alexander Lefterov, a Moldovan national, was recently indicted for operating a botnet comprising thousands of infected computers across the United States. Lefterov and his accomplices exploited compromised computers to steal login credentials and gain unauthorized access to financial institutions, payment processors, and retail establishments.


The indictment of individuals like Vasinskyi and Lefterov is part of broader efforts by government agencies to combat Sodinokibi ransomware and other forms of cybercrime. By dismantling criminal networks and holding perpetrators accountable, law enforcement agencies aim to safeguard individuals, businesses, and critical infrastructure from the growing threat posed by cybercriminals.


sentencing of Yaroslav Vasinskyi and the indictment of Alexander Lefterov mark significant milestones in the fight against cybercrime. These cases demonstrate the collective resolve of law enforcement agencies worldwide to hold perpetrators accountable and safeguard individuals and businesses from the devastating impact of ransomware attacks. As technology continues to evolve, collaborative efforts, advanced cybersecurity measures, and robust legal frameworks are essential to ensure a secure and resilient digital ecosystem.

The sources for this piece include articles in The Hacker News and France24.


Ukrainian REvil Hacker Gets 13-Year Sentence Plus $16M Fine
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Ukrainian REvil Hacker Gets 13-Year Sentence Plus $16M Fine
Learn about the Ukrainian REvil hacker's 13-year prison term & $16M fine. Get insights into the case of the notorious cybercriminal.
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