ClickCease KernelCare Live Patching with CrowdStrike Linux Host Protection - TuxCare

Buying Time Until the
Next Patching Cycle

Reducing exposure to production systems is a constant challenge for all SecOps and DevOps teams. As more vulnerabilities surface in Linux hosts, creating a change control event remains an operational challenge for organizations. Hackers continuously scan public-facing systems looking for a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Better Together

Enabling Tuxcare live patching for critical systems helps organizations reduce attacks while not impacting the hosts or existing connections. Clients leverage endpoint security from Crowdstrike to gain incredible protection value between essential patching cycles.

Read our latest white paper to:

  • Understand the seamless workflow between Tuxcare and Crowdstrike to reduce attack surfaces.
  • Clients leverage Tuxcare’s live patching solution KernelCare Enterprise to help reduce their attack surface by eliminating open CVEs targeting specific kernel code and Linux OS systems.
  • Crowdstrike agents report to a Falcon Spotlight that shows valuable endpoint data, including successful patches from Tuxcare KernelCare.

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