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Protecting IT Operations
at Think Tanks

Whitepaper: Live Patching a Global Think Tank Consortium (GTTC)

A global think tank consortium (GTTC) must secure its intellectual property, critical workloads, partner information, and employee data as a research and advocacy organization for governments and private industry.

Frequently handling sensitive data to support their research endeavors, it’s critical that these organizations patch software vulnerabilities as soon as possible to protect not only themselves, but the groups they serve.

How Think Tanks Can Minimize Risk

This whitepaper explores the security liability of GTTCs, given their work with both the private and public sectors to produce valuable insights, as well as how these think tank organizations can implement live patching technology to accelerate and modernize their data security approach.

In this whitepaper, you’ll gain an understanding of:

  • The various data security vulnerabilities that think tank organizations face
  • How think tanks can leverage the latest patch management technologies to minimize those vulnerabilities
  • Additional security measures these organizations can implement to protect their operations

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