ClickCease Live Patching - Tenable Technology Alignment Strategy - TuxCare

Do you Know Where the Most Vulnerable Assets Reside?

KernelCare Enterprise integrates with Tenable scanners and automation tools to facilitate faster and more efficient patching for AlmaLinux.SecOps are fully aware they can not patch every system with vulnerabilities or even high-risk exploited hosts. Global threats against these unpatched systems happen every day. With every unpatched host, a new attack surface is born.

Interconnecting with Tenable’s Solution Stack.

KernelCare Enterprise is designed for large enterprises with thousands of servers. Security teams would incur high manual patching and scanning costs without automated tools. Patching servers manually would require a lot of time and effort from multiple teams.

  • Tenable patch management console also could query an API into ePortal to coordinate more automation for live patching with other service updates.
  • With 40+ Linux distributions supported by TuxCare, IT teams can be sure all enterprise systems stay compliant without service interruptions.
  • Tenable is kernel aware of a Tuxcare agent residing in memory. Tenable is visible to Tuxcare live patching activities.

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