How Much Does Running End-Of-Life Linux Cost Your Organization?

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If organization’s Linux distribution is about to reach end-of-life or already has, then the IT team has some work to do. Migrating to a new operating system or version is a challenge for an enterprise IT administrator, so another option is to keep using your End-Of-Life distribution. However, it comes at a price.

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8 Hours

This calculator utilizes researches from 17 different industries and 17 countries. The list of industries comes from a Ponemon Study Report from 2020. Additional data comes from our own CVE-Tracker and the number of CVEs acknowledged by vendors in 2020. The growth factor of 5% per year is estimated from the NVD

  • 40

    Total maintenance hours required (per year)

  • $1500

    Total cost of maintenance hours

  • $150.000

    Data breach cost (average for industry)

  • Total Cost The total cost of running CentOS servers without support

  • $186.000

Stop taking risks with an
unsupported OS.

Simply continuing with an unsupported operating system places your enterprise working environments at unacceptable risk. Don’t wait for unpatched vulnerabilities breaching your systems.

For a minimal monthly fee of $4.25 per server, you can buy extended support for one of several key Linux distributions – including CentOS, Oracle and Ubuntu.

Extended Lifecycle Support services deliver critical security updates that ensure your ‘end of life’ operating system is protected against security threats. You can get a discount on Extended Lifecycle Support services if you sign up for Live Patching Services.

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Migrating is always challenging, but unpatched OS vulnerabilities can lead to an expensive breach. Don’t wait. Take control of your OS upgrade strategy with Extended Lifecycle Support from TuxCare.

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