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CentOS® 6 End-of-Life Extended Lifecycle Support

Develop a CentOS® migration plan at your pace while keeping the infrastructure secure and compliant

Don’t rush your migration from CentOS® 6! Keep using CentOS 6 with Extended Lifecycle Support services from TuxCare until November 2024.

Thanks to the work of the CentOS Project, CentOS version 6 has become the go-to operating system for many companies. But Red Hat announced the CentOS end of life in March 2021, surprising CentOS users.

Other CentOS Linux distribution packages, such as CentOS 8, are not an option for CentOS 6 users, as support for them is also ending—all are to be replaced with CentOS Stream. This is a problem for a lot of users who aren’t ready to switch gears right away.

If you’re worried about what you should do next, we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to plan a rushed migration to other Linux distros or operating systems. TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support services are here to save the day!

Get extended support for any Linux distribution, including CentOS 6, for two years or more! Gain time to implement a successful migration while solving your CentOS 6 challenges now.

CentOS 6 Is Ending: Continue Support with TuxCare

CentOS stands for Community Enterprise Operating System. This system is used as a free rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or the RHEL clone. From the first CentOS release, this was a downstream community project, meaning that a host of developers worldwide supported the CentOS versions.

With the CentOS Linux distribution being free, many developers and companies continue using it instead of the paid RHEL version. The CentOS community supports the RHEL clone and its versions, including CentOS 6, CentOS Linux 8, and more.

But the free ride is ending. Red Hat announced to CentOS users that official support for CentOS 6 is ending and being replaced with CentOS Stream.

Why is this important?

Because many small businesses and even some large corporations use the free Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone. Companies such as IBM, Facebook, Disney, Verizon, and many luxurious fashion brands, rely on CentOS 6 as their main operating system.

Most web and server-hosting companies offered the major CentOS versions and software packages to their clients, expanding the usage of CentOS in every industry.

All in all, CentOS is everywhere.

Many companies panicked when the CentOS team and Red Hat announced the end of the officially supported operating system. Running an unsupported operating system without stable releases carries significant risks from a customer experience and a security perspective.

Your company won’t get vulnerability patches, so before you have the chance to migrate to CentOS Stream or another operating system, you could experience major security issues.

TuxCare can help!

Avoid a rushed migration and gain time to plan it right by getting extended lifecycle support services for CentOS 6. Maintain security, ensure an excellent customer experience, and avoid increased maintenance costs with TuxCare. Run on CentOS Linux 6 until November 2024 or until you find an alternative distribution.

Avoid Common Risks of Running an Unsupported CentOS 6

Most CentOS users understand that an unsupported system leads to a rocky Linux. The latest patches and updates for every RHEL release are crucial to running enterprise-class operating systems.

So with CentOS 6 no longer supported, you’ll need extended lifecycle support services to avoid these common risks.

Software Incompatibility

Because you don’t have the latest patches and updates to your OS, but your other software packages are continuously updated, you will run into software incompatibility issues. These issues will create a sub-par experience for your users.

Emerging Vulnerabilities

Security is crucial to your enterprise, and without any future upgrade path, your systems are wide open for cyberattacks. You might lose valuable assets and data if you’re not on the latest RHEL release.

Compliance Challenges

Security and compliance laws require companies to take appropriate measures to protect their customers’ data. When your CentOS version is unsupported, you might violate various regulations, leading to a damaged reputation and monetary fines.

Poor Performance

When your operating system is unsupported and running on an old version, your systems are vulnerable to poor performance, which can harm your team’s productivity.

Reduced Reliability

Software incompatibility and poor performance of your OS make your team wary of relying on your systems.

Your Linux software could crash, leaving your users dissatisfied.

Added Maintenance Costs

Trying to manually support and protect your OS and assets is time-consuming and costly. You need a lot of resources to try to update an RHEL release, and it could still be vulnerable to other risks.

Migrate at Your Own Pace with TuxCare CentOS 6 EOL Support

With CentOS 6 at the end of its lifecycle, you have a few choices:

  1. Continue running on an unsupported Linux distro
  2. Migrate to CentOS Stream or another OS
  3. Get extended lifecycle support services

The first option creates the risks of unreliability, poor performance, and security vulnerabilities. Running on unsupported Linux distros creates challenges with your software and scripts, putting your business at risk.

Migration is another option. But planning a migration from one system, such as CentOS 6 or CentOS Linux 8, to another is a challenging undertaking. It needs to be properly planned, developed, and implemented.

A rushed migration to CentOS Stream or other Linux distros could lead to mistakes that will cost your business performance and money in the long run.

Your best bet is to get extended lifecycle support services from TuxCare and plan a complete migration at your own pace.

With TuxCare’s extended support, you can continue running on the Red Hat CentOS 6 as if it had never experienced an end-of-life event.

TuxCare’s support allows you to continue your operations with maximum security and reliability. Get the right maintenance updates, bug fixes, and security patches, so your CentOS 6 can operate properly and securely.

Our team will ensure that you are always on the latest CentOS 6 version, so you never experience the vulnerabilities of an unsupported operating system.

Get support until November 2024 and devote the time you need to planning your next steps. Figure out whether you want to migrate to CentOS Stream or a different system at your own pace. Avoid a rushed migration full of mistakes—instead, take full control of your operating system and technology stack with TuxCare.

We provide unmatched support services for a variety of Linux distros, so you can choose the one that best fits your situation. Our team has immense experience supporting older Linux distros, and we provide support for more than 100,000 end-of-life Linux nodes.

Start your extended lifecycle support services with TuxCare today!

Plan Your Migration with Peace of Mind: Get TuxCare’s CentOS 6 EOL Support

TuxCare can help you maintain an up-to-date and secure CentOS 6 even when official support from Red Hat has ended. You will gain consistent security updates and maintain binary compatibility with the latest version of CentOS 6. Here’s how!

Gain at Least Two Years of Support

With TuxCare’s services, you get more than two years of support for CentOS 6 and even more for other CentOS versions. You get ample time to plan and migrate to CentOS Stream or other systems.

No Reboot or Disruption

Deploy TuxCare’s support services with a simple command without the need for a complete reboot of your servers. With us, you can maintain business operations and keep your OS up to date. You can continue with business as usual!

Quickly Deploy Available CVE Patches

Our TuxCare team provides unmatched support and quick patch delivery for critical CVEs. When the CVE goes public, we immediately deliver it to you.

Easy End of Life Support Setup

Starting with TuxCare support services is easy. Run a single script and simply sync to a new repository file, and voila, you’re done! No interruption to your operations and your employees and customers will never notice.

Seamless Kernel and Critical Package Updates

Our extended lifecycle support services include regular kernel updates and updates to critical packages. These include Apache, MySQL, PHP, Glibc, and OpenSSL/SSH.

Attractive Pricing

We offer support for CentOS 6 beyond its end-of-life event. The good news is that maintaining security and protecting against vulnerabilities comes at an affordable price.

Our support services are 20 times more affordable than vendor support with a starting price of $4.25 per operating system image. We take it easy on your IT budget and give you time to plan your CentOS migration to CentOS Stream or other systems.

Why TuxCare

TuxCare specializes in providing extended support services for different operating systems, from Red Hat, CentOS, and beyond. We have more than 500,000 servers running smoothly for over 4,000 enterprise organizations.

Our CentOS expertise is unmatched. We make more than 100,000 CentOS Support customers happy with our secure and high-quality support services.

Get more time to run on CentOS 6 so you can focus on your business while ensuring compliance and security with our superior support services.

Quick Updates to All Your Kernel and Critical Packages

Our extended lifecycle support services include consistent updates to your kernel and critical packages, such as: glibc, openssh, openssl, and zlib. httpd, mysql, php. Userspace packages will also be supported.

Other supported packages include: acl, acpid, at, attr, audit, authconfig, basesystem, bash, bc, blktrace, bridge-utils, busybox, bzip2, crash, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, db4-utils, device-mapper, dhclient, dhcpv6, dmidecode, dos2unix, dovecot, ed, gcc, gd, gdb, glib2, groff, info, Iptstate, logrotate, lslk, lvm2, makedev, nfs4-acl-tools, nfs-utils, nspr, ntp, opensp, pam, perl, procmail, procps, python, rcs, rds-tools, rhnlib, rsync, rsyslog, setroubleshoot, setserial, setup, sos, stunnel, tzdata, vim, wget, yum-metadata-parser, yum-rhn-plugin.

Beyond CentOS 6

Our support goes beyond CentOS 6. Take advantage of our superior support services for CentOS 8, Oracle Linux 6, Debian, Ubuntu 16.04, and more.

Supported & Secure Infrastructure with TuxCare

Start your journey to a secure and compliant CentOS 6 experience with extended lifecycle support services from TuxCare. Gain time and reduce costs so you can plan your migration on your own schedule and at your own pace. Talk to a TuxCare expert today!


  • $4.25 Monthly
  • $43.35 Yearly(-15%)

Extended Lifecycle Support for Major
Enterprise Linux Distributions

Extended Lifecycle Support is currently available for
CentOS 6, CentOS 8, Oracle Linux 6, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 8

End of life date – March 2021

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until March 2025. Save significantly on Oracle’s Linux Subscription by choosing Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing Oracle Linux 6 maintenance.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6

End of life date – March 2021

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until March 2025. Save significantly on Oracle’s Linux Subscription by choosing Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing Oracle Linux 6 maintenance.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Ubuntu 16.04

End of life date – April 2021

Save significantly on Ubuntu 16.04 Subscription by choosing Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing Ubuntu 16.04 maintenance.

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