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CentOS® 7 End-of-Life Extended Lifecycle Support

CentOS® 7 is an essential operating system for many developers and enterprises. This Red Hat Enterprise Linux version allows users to safely conduct their work with the help of community and maintenance support.

Users of CentOS 7 will have to migrate to another major version of CentOS, most likely CentOS Stream. But a successful migration takes time and resources. It also must be well planned. That’s why getting extended lifecycle support for CentOS 7 is crucial.

TuxCare provides extended lifecycle support for CentOS 7, which means you can get consistent Cybersecurity updates and maintenance support beyond the end-of-life (EOL) date. Gain peace of mind and ample time to plan a successful migration with reliable support from TuxCare.

CentOS 7 End of Life Is Nearing: TuxCare Can Help

The CentOS project is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), so CentOS 7 is also an RHEL clone. While the RHEL is a paid version, CentOS receives community upstream support. Developers who use CentOS contribute to technical support, ensuring the stability of major versions and minor releases.

The CentOS 7 version is only one of several, including CentOS Linux 6 and CentOS 8. But every major and minor version of CentOS has an end date.

Currently, CentOS 7 users have until June 2024 to continue operating and receiving support. After that, the system will not have another minor release, and you’ll need to migrate to a newer version, such as CentOS Stream 8.

With so many enterprises relying on CentOS 7 to conduct their daily business operations, such as IBM Power, there are many organizations out there that need to think about their next steps.

Without a supported CentOS Linux 7, enterprises won’t receive priority bug fixes, which means they’re likely to have an overall rocky Linux experience and unstable web servers.

TuxCare is here to support you. Avoid a rushed and unsuccessful migration by getting extended lifecycle support from TuxCare. Receive the necessary updates, maintain software compatibility, and continue business as usual while you make a solid plan for migration.

Gain Time to Plan Your Migration with TuxCare CentOS 7 Extended Support

As the end-of-life date for CentOS 7 approaches, users have a few choices:

  1. Use an unsupported Linux distribution from Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  2. Rush into migrating to a later version of CentOS
  3. Subscribe to extended lifecycle support services

Staying in an unsupported Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone is not an option if your enterprise wants a secure and stable technology environment. You will encounter severe Cybersecurity and performance risks, significantly impacting your business.

Migration is the best option. But preparing for a migration requires specific resources that you might not have right now. The reality is that a successful migration takes time, and jumping from an unsupported CentOS 7 to a different version can leave your business at risk of Cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Buy yourself and your enterprise time by subscribing to extended support from TuxCare. Continue using CentOS 7 as if it never had an end-of-life date, and plan the migration at your own pace.

TuxCare takes care of every aspect of maintaining your CentOS Linux 7. Our team ensures you get the right bug fixes, Cybersecurity patches, and any other maintenance support you need. You will not have to deal with Cybersecurity risks or vulnerabilities as you would if you stayed in the unsupported Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone.

Get Peace of Mind with TuxCare’s CentOS 7 EOL Support

As the end-of-life date for CentOS 7 approaches, TuxCare can help you transition to an extended support model with consistent Cybersecurity updates and maintenance. Here’s how!

Gain at Least Four Years of Support

TuxCare gives you at least another four years beyond 2024 to run CentOS 7 in an updated and secure manner. You get more than enough time to plan a migration to the latest version of CentOS Linux.

No Need for Reboots

Transitioning to our extended support services is seamless. You can run a simple command and start your TuxCare support without rebooting your systems. The implementation of our support causes no disruptions, and you can continue your operations as usual.

Quick Deployment of Available CVE Patches

Your CentOS 7 will always be up to date and secure. Our team provides quick patch delivery for all critical CVEs as soon as they become public.

Easy Setup of Support Services

Getting TuxCare’s support services is simple. You run a single script, sync to a new repository file, and you’re all set up. No need for reboots or interruptions, so no one’s work is disrupted, and all your services remain up and running.

Keep Your Kernel and Critical Package Updated

TuxCare’s support includes regular kernel and critical packages. You will get consistent updates to all your packages, such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, Glibc, and OpenSSL/SSH.


  • $4.25 Monthly
  • $43.35 Yearly(-15%)

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