Migrate off CentOS® 8 at your own pace.

Your patches and fixes will continue to
flow like end of life never happened.

We got you covered.

In 2020, we made the END of CentOS 6 a non-event. And last year, we did the same for Ubuntu 16 and Oracle Linux 6. We’ve been supporting older versions of Linux for years, making this a simple task. Today, over 100,000 End of Life Linux nodes are getting security updates and fixes from TuxCare. That number continues to multiply.

In December 2021, we extended the life of CentOS 8 for at least 4 more years. If you’re still running it now, relax. You have a safe haven for CentOS 8 at TuxCare and more time to plan your migrations.

TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 8 includes updates to the kernel and all other critical packages like acpid, glibc, attr, php, info, Iptstate, gdb, glib2, bash, basesystem, authconfig, zlib, acl, dovecot, mysql, ed, gcc, lslk, blktrace, bc, openssh, device-mapper, dhclient, dhcpv6, dmidecode, bzip2, busybox, bridge-utils, httpd, userspace packages, crash, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl

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What is included in Extended Lifecycle Support?

  • Full compatibility with current infrastructure
  • Rebootless service installation keeps infrastructure available
  • Fast patch delivery with SLA guarantee for critical vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs)
  • Peace of mind because we keep your end of life CentOS 8 distro running securely
  • Patch deployment through traditional package management tools
  • Access to Support Services 24/7 via ticket system
  • Patches produced by our team with 12 years of experience in maintaining RHEL-based derivatives


  • $4.25 Monthly
  • $43.35 Yearly(-15%)

Extended Lifecycle Support for Major
Enterprise Linux Distributions

Extended Lifecycle Support is currently available for
CentOS 6, CentOS 8, Oracle Linux 6, and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Extended Lifecycle Support for CentOS 6

End of life date – November 2020

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until November 2024, giving you enough time to switch your server fleet to an alternative distribution or upgrade to the newest version of your favourite Linux flavor.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Oracle Enterprise Linux 6

End of life date – March 2021

Extended Lifecycle Support will last until March 2025. Save significantly on Oracle’s Linux Subscription by choosing Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing Oracle Linux 6 maintenance.

Extended Lifecycle Support for Ubuntu 16.04

End of life date – April 2021

Save significantly on Ubuntu 16.04 Subscription by choosing Extended Lifecycle Support for ongoing Ubuntu 16.04 maintenance.

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