Find TuxCare at OSAD – Open Source Automation Days

TuxCare Team

October 4, 2021


There is one thing we at TuxCare love above all others – automation! Our services are directly targeted at making life easier for sysadmins and were built from the ground up to be easily automated and integrated into existing workflows. 


The Open Source Automation Days (OSAD) will be held online this year, and the central theme is “Automation in Data Centers Based on Open Source”. This is the ideal place to find the latest innovations and industry trends. Maybe you’ll find the right insights to improve your own processes and discover that you can automate more tasks than the ones you’re doing now.

TuxCare will be present with its Linux Support services, a way to centralize your source of patches and updates for your Linux environment. Works even if you’re running several different distributions in your infrastructure, rather than having different sources with different release schedules, different policies, or different requirements.


Next, we have our line of Live Patching services – KernelCare Enterprise, QEMUCare, and DatabaseCare. These cover non-disruptive patching for the full range of system and mission-critical components of Linux systems – the ones that cause the most grievances when sysadmins need to interrupt, either through system reboots or service restarts, and impact the overall Enterprise business. Automating patch delivery through Live Patching takes away all the pain points associated with updating these system components, and IT teams will have the opportunity to discover how to integrate them into their existing workflows.


Lastly, we’ll be taking a look at our Extended Lifecycle Support service. Most organizations have legacy systems that they did not update to more modern Linux distributions, either because they were mission-critical and couldn’t be stopped, or through hardware incompatibilities with newer versions, so IT teams had to keep them running past their official End-of-Life date. TuxCare continues to provide security fixes and updates for older enterprise-grade distributions, giving you the peace of mind you need to trust your systems and reduce the risk of security issues.


Find TuxCare at OSAD and chat with us. We’ll find a way to improve your Linux security and automation processes together.

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