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Logo And Trademark Usage Guidelines For CloudLinux OS, Imunify360, KernelCare and TuxCare

The Imunify360, KernelCare, CloudLinux OS, TuxCare and CloudLinux trademarks, logos and service marks (“Marks”) are the property of CloudLinux, Inc. You are permitted to use these Marks only with the written consent of CloudLinux. If you are the official reseller of the CloudLinux product licenses or use products in your multi-tenant hosting environment, you have the right to use these Marks following these guidelines.

These Logo and Trademark Usage Guidelines set forth the rules for using the Marks or referring to the products owned by CloudLinux, Inc. CloudLinux, Inc. reserves the right to change these guidelines and request changes related to its Marks.

Do not use any of the Marks as the name of your company, products or services, as a domain name or social media profile. This applies to all jurisdictions, whether foreign or domestic.

Rules for proper usage of Marks

You may not use the Marks, including logos, unless you have an agreement with or express written consent from CloudLinux authorizing such use. If you are an official reseller of CloudLinux products or offer CloudLinux products and services to your customers, you may use the Marks, including logos in advertising, sales materials, promotions, or on your website.

Only use approved logo artwork and designs

The CloudLinux logos (a “Logo” or the “Logos”) should be used as downloaded. Do not alter or distort the appearance of Logos in any way. Do not attempt to reproduce the Logos. Do not add your own design elements to any Logo Do not change the color or font of the Logos. Your use of any Logo should look sharp, clean, and legible. Do not use the Logos as a decorative element. Do not use or alter a Logo for purely decorative purposes.

  • You may use the product logos if you resell or offer CloudLinux products to your customers.
  • You may use the “Secured by Imunify360” logo if you use Imunify360 in your multi-tenant (shared) hosting environment and do not resell Imunify360 licenses.

The “Secured by Imunify360” logo is available here.

Imunify logos can be viewed in the partner resources section or downloaded here (zip).

Do not abbreviate or alter the spelling of Marks

You should not change the appearance of Marks by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, changing their spelling or using improper capitalization. Provided below are examples of correct and incorrect spelling and capitalization for each trademark:

Correct: CloudLinux
INCORRECT: CL, Cloudlinux, cloudlinux, cloud linux

Correct: Imunify360
INCORRECT: Imunify 360, Imunify, Immunify360, IM, IM360

Correct: KernelCare
INCORRECT: Kernel Care, kernelcare, KC

Correct: TuxCare
INCORRECT: Tux Care, tuxcare, TC

Permissible uses of Marks

Use Marks to refer to CloudLinux products or services if you officially resell or offer any of the CloudLinux products to your customers. In this case, you generally may use these Marks to refer to CloudLinux’s products in advertising, sales materials, promotions, or on your website.

You must provide a trademark attribution notice in the credit section providing notice that CloudLinux, Inc. is the owner of its Marks.

The correct trademark attribution statement is:

EXAMPLE ONLY: CloudLinux, the CloudLinux Logo, TuxCare, the TuxCare logo, KernelCare, the KernelCare Logo, Imunify360 and the Imunify360 Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of CloudLinux, Inc.

Additional related information can be found on CloudLinux’s terms of use page located at




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