Commercial Support for AlmaLinux OS

Multi-tiered support for the AlmaLinux OS with regular patches and updates for Linux kernel and core packages, patch delivery SLAs, and 24/7 incident support

“Support services for AlmaLinux OS from TuxCare gives you both highest quality support from the OS sponsor along with the benefits of an independent technology partnership: reasonably priced and flexible support services to keep systems that rely on AlmaLinux OS for production workloads continuously updated and secure.”

Jim Jackson

Features & Benefits

Regular patches & updates for the Linux Kernel & other components

Support packages customized to fit your needs

Access to specialized consulting services

24/7/365 support in any subscription tier

Subscription discounts at 1K, 5K and 10K volume levels


Essential Support for AlmaLinux OS 8

Basic support package for enterprises using AlmaLinux OS in production infrastructure

Premium Support for AlmaLinux OS 8

Patches and updates for various Linux distributions on a custom basis, premium SLA, 24×7 incident support and access to consulting services
  • Support for AlmaLinux OS, CentOS, Oracle, Ubuntu, Debian, Suse as well as other open source software not part of Linux distributions.
  • 24/7/365 incident support via email with live chat & phone availability
  • Need-based out of repo security/bug fixes patches for any other Linux distro (part of SOW)
  • SOW basis for pricing

Product NodeOS Support for AlmaLinux OS 8

A customized Support package tailored to the needs of vendors and OEMs that are planning to use AlmaLinux as a node OS underlying their commercial products and services. Includes a specific set of packages, custom SLAs and a dedicated support team for instant incident response.
  • Patch delivery and incident response negotiated specifically for each agreement
  • 10 business day patch delivery on CVSS and higher CVEs
  • A named, dedicated support manager
  • 24/7/365 email support with live chat availability for critical incidents
  • Access to consulting services on an individual Statement of Work (SOW) basis
  • Pricing negotiated specifically for each agreement, minimum 2-year term


Yes. Combined with AlmaLinux Support Services, AlmaLinux OS provides a comprehensive, 1:1 binary compatible RHEL/CentOS and Oracle Linux drop-in replacement that is commercially supported for production workloads.
Based on the subscription tier, you will receive different updates:  
  1. Essential support for AlmaLinux 8 includes all packages from “basic” RHEL repos. This includes but not limited to regular patches and updates for the Linux kernel and core packages: glibc, gcc, elfutils, krb5, libxml2, libxslt, libglvnd, mesa-libGLU, pam, vulkan-loader, zlib, gcc, tbb, SDL, libusb, alsa-lib, libmodulemd, gtk2, gtk3, motif, libacl, libattr, libvirt, libX11, libXaw, libXau, libXrandr, libXrender, libXext, libXft, libXi, libXmu, libXpm, qt5-qt5base, bzip2, curl, xz, systemd, dbus, openssl, gnutls, nss, libgcrypt, libssh.
  3. Product NodeOS Support for AlmaLinux OS 8 includes a set of packages specific to your business, custom SLAs, a dedicated support team for instant incident response. All terms are negotiated specifically for each agreement.
  5. Premium Support for AlmaLinux OS 8 – includes need-based out of repo security/bug fixes patches for any Linux distro defined by the SOW. All terms are negotiated specifically for each agreement.
AlmaLinux OS will be maintained until at least 2029, including stable and thoroughly tested updates and security patches.

Currently, we do not support the following packages: OpenStack, K8s, LXD, Apache Kafka, MAAS, CEPH, MongoDB. For support of these packages please inquire about consulting services.

AlmaLinux Support Services response times vary based on subscription level and use case.
AlmaLinux Support Services provide a convenient tool to migrate your current Enterprise Linux distribution to AlmaLinux OS and our Premium package offers support for additional Enterprise Linux distributions as well. For older distributions, you may be interested in our End-of-life Linux support services.
The AlmaLinux team continuously monitors critical Linux kernel vulnerabilities and security concerns associated with the AlmaLinux OS. We release patches for security risks and general maintenance issues as soon as they are completed and tested
We maintain a stable testing repository that all patches and updates are tested against. Before a package is released into the production repository, we run several processes to verify that our update has zero unintended consequences.
The AlmaLinux team supports all deployment models so you can confidently plan and deploy your infrastructure based on your needs.
What if we require custom patching or bug-fixing for a certain application?
There are NO licensing fees associated with AlmaLinux OS and no additional licensing fees associated with Linux Support Services.
By request, we create a customized proof-of-concept for each client. To apply for the proof-of-concept before purchasing the subscription, contact the TuxCare Team.

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