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Enterprise Linux Live Patching Services Overview

Put an end to service interruptions and non-compliance caused by system reboots

Keeping enterprise Linux systems safe and compliant while ensuring constant uptime is a full-time job that can’t be left to chance. It must be fully automated and fully supported.

To achieve that, you need the KernelCare suite of Live Patching Services that

  • integrates with automation tools and vulnerability scanners
  • lets you decide what patches are rolled out across your organization
  • supports the latest patches
  • one that runs behind the firewall

The KernelCare suite of live patching services from Tuxcare has you covered.

    • Protect systems from Cybersecurity breaches via timely patching.
    • Achieve and maintain compliant status with automated Cybersecurity updates that are applied shortly after the CVE goes public.
    • Keep your servers, applications, databases and virtualisation always available for internal and external clients.

TuxCare Live Patching Services Available for All Major Linux Distributions

With 40+ Linux distributions supported by TuxCare, IT teams can be sure all enterprise systems stay compliant, without service interruptions.

For a complete list of supported kernels and patches, visit this page

Live Patching Services from TuxCare

KernelCare Enterprise

Automated live patching for Linux kernels, with centralized management and common automation and vulnerability management tools integration.


Detects and patches shared libraries in-memory without disrupting the applications using them.

KernelCare IoT

Provides live patching for Linux kernels in IoT devices without disrupting ongoing processes and operations.


Protects enterprise virtualization stack with live patching that does not affect virtual machines or requires migrating them to other servers.


DBCare keeps the most important enterprise asset, data, safe by live patching the database server without needing to restart the database or any applications using it.


TuxCare Live Patching services provide automated security updates to the Linux kernel, shared libraries, virtualizations, databases, and ARM64-based devices, without needing to reboot your systems.

TuxCare Live Patching services are installed with a single command and are completely automated. You can monitor its execution through integrations with standard monitoring tools, and our 24/7 support is there if you need it.

TuxCare offers convenient 7-Day Managed Trials for enterprise companies with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Schedule a meeting with the TuxCare team on the contact page or send a message to [email protected] and we’ll get you set up.

Live-patching technology allows you to update any faulty or vulnerable code in real-time while it resides in memory during software execution. This means that the kernel or shared library gets the update as it is running, rather than only after the code is unloaded and loaded again through a system reboot. No downtime for your end-users or computing load means more productivity and no lost revenue while staying secure and compliant.

Patches are tested and delivered usually within 1-2 days of release by the vendors. We submit all vendor patches to a thorough testing phase where compliance, functionality, and security are evaluated to ensure they will work with your systems.

Prices start at $3.95/month per operating system image for KernelCare Enterprise. You can find all the pricing details, as well as discounts, on the TuxCare pricing page.

You can manage your licenses through the TuxCare Portal at When you created your account, an email with the login credentials was sent to your email address. If you are having difficulties logging in, please contact us at [email protected].

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