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Live Patch Linux Kernels with KernelCare Enterprise

Automated live patching for Linux kernels with centralized management and common automation and vulnerability management tools integration

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Server reboots and service restarts are making you vulnerable and non-compliant. KernelCare Enterprise takes on most of the patching lifecycle tasks and completes them in four steps without a system reboot reducing typical patch cycle tasks by 60%! Once this process is finished, your Linux kernels are protected against all known kernel vulnerabilities.

  • Rebootless Linux kernel patching and custom patching
  • Works on premises and in the cloud
  • Private patch server for gated infrastructures – ePortal


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Out-of-the-box Integrations

You can integrate KernelCare Enterprise with leading patch management and vulnerability scanning tools with Nessus, Qualys, Rapid7, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Datadog, and Crowdstrike

  • №
    • Dedicated ePortal server that runs inside your firewall lets you decide what patches are rolled out across your organization.
  • №-1
    • Flawless interoperability with automation tools, vulnerability scanners and cloud infrastructure monitoring services
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    • Setup assistance, priority support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • $3.95 Monthly
  • $40.29 Yearly(-15%)

TuxCare Live Patching Services Available
for All Major Linux Distributions

With 40+ Linux distributions supported by TuxCare, IT teams can be sure all enterprise systems stay compliant, without service interruptions.

For a complete list of supported kernels and patches, visit this page

TuxCare Live Patching Services


Detects and patches shared libraries in-memory without disrupting the applications using them.

KernelCare IoT

Provides live patching for Linux kernels in IoT devices without disrupting ongoing processes and operations.


Protects enterprise virtualization stack with live patching that does not affect virtual machines or requires migrating them to other servers.


DBCare keeps the most important enterprise asset, data, safe by live patching the database server without needing to restart the database or any applications using it.

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Extended Lifecycle Support for Linux End of Life

Eliminate Cybersecurity vulnerabilities while running end of life Linux

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