To avoid having its systems compromised and data stolen, an Enterprise must transform its vulnerability management processes to be proactive and automated through best practices like Live Patching.

Live Patching with QEMUCare reduces this risk through friction-less patching.


Patch deployment operations are simplified to a one-time deployment of an agent. No more disruptive maintenance windows affecting business operations.

Updates are deployed without VM performance degradation.

Compatible with already deployed infrastru cture and centralised management and reporting tools and frameworks.

Our vendor-agnostic service supports 40+ Linux distributions.No vendor lock-in.

Like with any other software, QEMU/KVM are susceptible to vulnerabilities. Vulnerabilities in QEMU/KVM often mean that a malicious actor can take control of the virtualisation host, endangering the VMs running on it, and have total control over the whole node - compromising Enterprise systems entirely.

With QEMUCare, Enterprise infrastructure will remain updated & secure without disruption to regular business operations.

Reduce risk windows, security breaches and reputation loss - 
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