If you are a lone System Administrator or you work in a small team with limited resources

You have to plan the maintenance operation.

Perform live migrations of virtual machines away from each host being updated.

Deploy patches to the node.

Live-migrate them all back.

Test to ensure all your virtual machines are still working properly.

If you are a SysAdmin in a DevOps/DevSecOps environment

You have to ensure uninterrupted performance of the infrastructure for the developers running VMs on QEMU or KVM on the hosts. This is on top of keeping the infrastructure safe from vulnerabilities by making sure your developers follow best security practices when interacting with your systems. QEMUCare will let you shift your focus from patching and securing the virtualisation platform to other areas, knowing that the hosts will no longer be at risk from known exploits.

TuxCare Pricing is Designed with the needs of IT Teams in Mind

Affordably priced in principle, TuxCare also provides volume discounts to large enterprise Linux infrastructures.

TuxCare services are fully compliant with AICPA & SOC2 certification, as well as the EU GDPR requirements.

With QEMUCare, the entire virtualisation host patching process is turned into a one-time setup of the agent. Going forward, it will deploy updates without the need for orchestration or live migration, with no monetary or time impact.

Change the way you address patching concerns with rebootless QEMU/KVM patching from TuxCare. It’s a real game-changer in terms of availability, efficiency, costs, network bandwidth and use of the IT teams’ time! Contact the TuxCare team for our proof-of-value.

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