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Following VMware's industry-shaking announcement, numerous organizations are on the lookout for dependable and high-performing virtualization alternatives. Proxmox 8 steps up as a leading option for those seeking to enhance their virtualization setup.

TuxCare's targeted live patching solutions – KernelCare, LibCare, and QEMUCare – are perfectly suited for Proxmox 8 setups, addressing the specific needs of cloud providers, virtual private server hosters, MSPs, and any organization requiring consistent, secure, and disruption-free operations.

Uninterrupted Service and Robust Security

Ensure your entire virtualization stack is secure and always on


Ensures your Proxmox 8 environment runs the latest kernel versions without the downtime typically associated with patching.



Patches critical shared libraries such as OpenSSL and glibc, without restarting the applications or services that depend on them.



Allows QEMU updates to be applied without needing to shut down or migrate the virtualization layer or reboot the hypervisor.


How Does Live Patching Work?

Discover the technology behind instantly applying
security updates with zero downtime

Minimize Risk While
Maintaining 100% Uptime
with TuxCare

Enhanced Security

Reduce the vulnerability window for your virtualization stack by promptly addressing security issues.

Continuous Uptime

Maintain high availability and performance of your virtualized infrastructure with non-disruptive security updates.

Reduced Workload

Eliminate the daunting task of coordinating maintenance windows, thereby alleviating your operational burden.

Streamlined Compliance

Meet the intensifying regulatory demands by promptly deploying security patches as soon as they are released.

Why TuxCare?

TuxCare has delivered patches and bug fixes for various Linux distros for over 10 years.

TuxCare’s products secure more than 1.3 million production workloads.

We have over 2300 customers from multiple industries around the world.

TuxCare has patched more than 2100 CVEs without reboots over the years.

We support more than 60 Linux
distro versions.

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