Still restarting your database for patches? – Introducing DatabaseCare

TuxCare Team

September 28, 2021


Sysadmins have probably already experienced this: a new vulnerability is divulged affecting your database service, but business needs won’t let you take it down for patching for another three weeks. It’s not a very convenient position to be in. On the one hand, you’ll have to keep the affected system under tight monitoring, looking for any strange behaviour. On the other hand, you’ll be in fear of your data being stolen or tampered with during this period.

This no longer has to be an issue. Today, TuxCare is releasing DatabaseCare, Live Patching service for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.

Continuing with its line of Live Patching solutions for different Linux system components (KernelCare Enterprise & LibraryCare for the Linux Kernel and critical system shared libraries, QEMUCare for the QEMU/KVM virtualisation stack and KernelCare for IoT devices), DatabaseCare provides the same non-disruptive and reliable live patching technology for open source databases MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL. You no longer need maintenance windows for patching operations, as the database will always be available. One moment it’s vulnerable, and the next, the patch is applied and it no longer is vulnerable to that new exploit. No service restarts required, no angry stakeholders, no other systems affected. Fast, reliable and transparent for users and other processes.


An Enterprise’s data is its most valuable asset and the database where it’s stored is its most critical system. It should never be exposed to known exploits just because it’s not convenient to stop it at a given moment. This is why DatabaseCare is not just a better way to deploy security patches; it’s a complete game-changer – it eliminates the need for these restart operations to happen in the first place. In addition, all operations are fully controllable and auditable – you’ll always know what was deployed and you can even revert it should you choose to do so.


Even in High-Availability scenarios, Live Patching makes sense – why should you have to weaken your High-Availability service by stopping nodes just for patching? Instead, use High-Availability for what was originally intended – providing an immediate solution for unforeseen failures, rather than using it to cover maintenance operations.


TuxCare has many years of experience delivering Live Patching solutions with thousands of customers and close to a million protected systems worldwide. 


You can find out more about DatabaseCare here and sign up for a free trial deployment.

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