Taking a look at the role of CXO at TuxCare – and why it matters

Delivering solutions in complex technology environments means balancing many competing priorities, both internal and external. There’s always a risk that the customer experience takes a back seat, with predictable consequences.

That’s why CX – customer experience – has become such a hot topic across the tech industry as vendors try to find ways to improve and maintain the customer experience.

Here at TuxCare we recognize that, beyond just delivering industry-leading technology, we also need to deliver an outstanding customer experience. That’s why, in 2021, we appointed David Mello as Chief Experience Officer (CXO) for TuxCare.

David joined us to make sure that the customer’s voice gets heard every step of the way – from the boardroom, right through to the individual TuxCare staff members that make our products great. In this article, we outline the role of our CXO, what we achieved so far, and why it matters so much for our customers.

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