ePortal can now be hosted on Ubuntu

IT environments are different everywhere you look. No two companies have precisely the same needs or requirements, so it follows that no two companies will agree on -exactly- the same operating system fleet composition. 

Until recently, TuxCare’s ePortal management system for your KernelCare Enterprise systems was only officially supported on RHEL derivatives. There was actually no restriction on the protected systems, but the management solution was only deployable on CentOS, AlmaLinux, and the like – or inside a container, but that wasn’t an apples-to-apples comparison.

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ePortal storage optimization improvement

The TuxCare Team is always looking for new ways to improve the experience provided by our products. A pain point we identified was the amount of storage space required to hold KernelCare patchsets and the network bandwidth required to transfer that information to ePortal deployments.

One of the improvements currently being developed is the ability to configure ePortal to function in a new cache mode, where full functionality is retained while reducing storage requirements by up to 80% in some scenarios.

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KernelCare ePortal 1.22-1 released

KernelCare ePortal 1.22-1 released

The KernelCare Team is proud to announce the latest update to ePortal, its centralized management interface for KernelCare clients. It’s now at version 1.22-1, and it has some new features, namely the easier deployment of the KernelCare client, and some bug fixes.

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KernelCare ePortal 1.21-1 update and UI improvements

KernelCare ePortal 1.21-1 update and UI improvements

ePortal is KernelCare Enterprise’s solution for deployments where the machines that need to receive the updates have restricted internet access, serving as a central staging point of delivery for patches, thus reducing exposure of internal resources to outside access.


The KernelCare team is proud to announce the release of ePortal 1.21-1, with many UI improvements and often requested functionality added. One such feature is the ability to control and receive only patches for a specific subset of KernelCare’s supported list of distributions, for example for environments where only one or two different distributions are used. 

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