CentOS 8: Why extended support is better than rushed migration

Still using CentOS 8 even though it’s now unsupported, and in spite of the obvious risks? Well, in a way it’s understandable. Red Hat took everyone by surprise when it cut the official support window for CentOS 8 from ten years to two years, leaving you with just a year’s notice that the OS is going end of life.

A year sounds like a long time, but it flies by in the life of a busy sysadmin – and it’s not a particularly long period of time to test system migration. But if the recently discovered LUKS bug pushed you into action, we want to use this article to tell you to stop and wait. A rushed, ill-considered migration can be catastrophic.

Read on to see what you should think about before you migrate, and why extended lifecycle support may well be a better option than rushing through a migration process.

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