Does Live Patching Slow Systems Down?

If you’re a systems administrator responsible for thousands of servers, even a small slowdown can cause serious technical problems for your enterprise, and cost it a lot of money as well. Does live kernel patching cause them, or help solve them? Read below to find out. Continue reading “Does Live Patching Slow Systems Down?”

8 Tools to Keep Linux Servers Secure

8 Tools to Keep Linux Servers SecureKeeping Linux servers updated and patched isn’t the job of just one tool. You need several tools to ensure your servers are configured properly and aren’t a target for the latest exploits. Checking one server could be done manually, but when you’re responsible for hundreds of critical servers, you need tools to audit current server functionality, update software, set configurations, and perform any other actions required during maintenance. The following list of tools is a breakdown of the best software that will help administrators be proactive in Linux server management, configuration management, updates and patching.


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The Ultimate Guide to Linux Patch Management

Administrators responsible for patching Linux know that it’s practically a full-time job in a large enterprise environment. To patch just one system, the administrator must identify that a patch is available, download it, and then deploy it to the system. In an enterprise environment, there could be hundreds of servers to manage, so the job of patch management becomes an all-day responsibility with the added risk of reboot fails after installation. Instead of manual updates, administrators can free up time and organize patches using automation tools.

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