Happy Sysadmin Day from TuxCare!

The last Friday of July is System Administrator Appreciation Day. It’s the one day when Sysadmins like you who have been putting out users’ fires since 1946 should get a break. All year, you have been the heroes, silently guarding companies of all shapes and sizes. Maintaining the five nines and tirelessly performing countless patching cycles. You’ve been responding to emergencies and cleaning up after your user’s mistakes. And you’ve been doing this day in, day out, often early in the morning, late at night and over the weekend when your users have been off enjoying themselves.

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How to Upgrade An Unsupported OS: An In-depth Checklist

How to Upgrade An Unsupported OS: An In-depth ChecklistUpdating an OS seems like a trivial task. The type of activity a sysadmin instinctively knows how to perform. But have you ever actually considered the full scope of it? All the different threads that must be knit together to perform it successfully, safely and predictably? What if the operating system, on top of being old, is also no longer supported?

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