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CentOS 7 End of Life Strategy: Security for Today & Years into the Future

Are you aware of the risks that come with using outdated or end-of-life (EOL) Linux systems, like CentOS 7, which reaches EOL in June 2024? When CentOS 7 goes out of date, you lose vital support, you can fail compliance checks, and you open up your organization to threats that could have been avoided.

Moreover, CentOS 7 is currently affected by numerous unpatched vulnerabilities that many users aren’t aware of.

So what can organizations do when they find themselves still using CentOS 7 with unpatched vulnerabilities, not yet prepared to upgrade, and unsure of a secure path forward?

Watch our 30-minute webinar hosted by TuxCare Linux security experts to learn the risks of EOL Linux and discover some practical solutions to achieve better security while continuing to use CentOS 7 beyond the end-of-life date (until you are ready to upgrade).

This webinar will be led by:

  • joao-c Joao Correia

    Joao Correia is the Technical Evangelist at TuxCare with an extensive background in System Administration and enterprise Linux security in general. As a sysadmin, he learned the intricacies of keeping enterprise Linux environments secure, patched, and compliant. Today, Joao is known for sharing his expert views on Linux security, open-source software trends, and IT best practices on both the TuxCare blog and alongside Jay LaCroix on the Enterprise Linux Security podcast.

  • artem Artem Karasev

    Artem Karasev is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at TuxCare, always working to make sure our products meet customer needs. With 14 years of experience in product marketing and business development, especially within the IT security industry, Artem is really passionate about innovative approaches that make daily tasks easier and solve tricky challenges for our customers.