ClickCease Linux Live Patching for Beginners webinar
LIVE Webinar

Linux Live Patching for Beginners: How to Patch without Downtime or Disruptions

With live patching, Linux-based systems can receive vulnerability patches without needing to be rebooted, enabling teams to keep their systems running for years without skipping a vulnerability patch. But how does this technology really work – and how does it help companies eliminate patching-related downtime, shrink patching workloads, and minimize vulnerability exposure?

During this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How live patching deploys critical security updates without reboots, downtime, or service interruptions – via a step-by-step technical walkthrough
  • What benefits organizations can expect after adopting a live patching approach
  • How to quickly and seamlessly implement a live patching solution so that your team can put its vulnerability patching on autopilot, reduce downtime, and much more


Join us for a 30-minute webinar — led by two live patching and Linux security experts — to get an easy-to-understand breakdown of what live patching is all about.

This Webinar Will Be Led by

  • Jamie Charleston Jamie Charleston

    Director of Global Sales Engineering at TuxCare

    With over two decades of experience in sales engineering and other diverse technical roles, including within the US Navy, Jamie is an expert at all things Linux security – as well as simplifying complex processes and conveying complicated subjects in an easy-to-understand manner.

  • Rory Albertyn Rory Albertyn

    Sales Engineer at TuxCare

    With two decades of experience in IT infrastructure and security, network infrastructure, and mobile/VoIP telecoms, Rory is a seasoned professional at helping non-technical audiences understand complex solutions and making Linux security concepts easy to grasp for anyone.