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Modernizing Data Center Management with Automation and Rebootless Patching 

Do you know how much time, effort, and resources your team can save when you adopt automation for your data center management?
Automating with the right tools can make it easier to deploy and manage servers, especially when you extend that automation to vulnerability patches – enabling organizations to keep their data centers patched and compliant without necessitating reboots or downtime.

During this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • How organizations can use orcharhino’s data center management platform to automate host deployment, configuration management, vulnerability patch management, and more
  • How organizations can deliver automated, non-disruptive security patches while their systems are running – without reboots or downtime – using the included KernelCare Enterprise plug-in
  • Which types of organizations can benefit from modernizing their vulnerability patching and data center management approach with automation


September 20th

10am EST/ 4pm CET

Join us for this 30-minute webinar – co-led by orcharhino and TuxCare’s data center management and Linux security experts – to find out how your organization can automate its data center management and security patching with a single solution.

This webinar will be led by:

  • joao-c Joao Correia

    Joao Correia is the Technical Evangelist at TuxCare with an extensive background in System Administration and enterprise Linux security in general. As a sysadmin, he learned the intricacies of keeping enterprise Linux environments secure, patched, and compliant. Today, Joao is known for sharing his expert views on Linux security, open-source software trends, and IT best practices on both the TuxCare blog and alongside Jay LaCroix on the Enterprise Linux Security podcast.

  • Fabrice-Brimioulle Fabrice Brimioulle

    Fabrice Brimioulle has been working as an orcharhino Consultant at ATIX AG for more than 5 years. As an expert on the lifecycle automation tool, he passes on his profound knowledge regularly to orcharhino customers in different workshops and training sessions. He also advises customers on the configuration management tool, Puppet, with his main focus on server virtualization – including  general server management (deployment, configuration management, release, and patch management) as well as support in setting up orcharhino platforms.