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KernelCare Enterprise
Live Patching

TuxCare’s popular Linux security tools help you put patching on autopilot, shrink your
workload, minimize costs, and keep your systems protected from vulnerability exploits.

Works on all popular enterprise Linux distributions

Minimizes your team’s patching-related workload

Eliminates the need for maintenance operations just for patching

Reduces patch delays by applying ALL the latest patches as soon as they’re available

Extend KernelCare Enterprise to also live patch

  • Shared Libraries
  • Databases
  • Virtualization Systems
  • IoT Devices
Worried about costs?

KernelCare Enterprise is significantly more affordable than distro-specific premium support packages that offer live patching

Don’t want to add another complex tool?

KernelCare Enterprise is quick and easy to implement. All it takes is a single script and installation key – with no migration needed!

Think your environment is too complicated?

KernelCare Enterprise delivers live patches to ALL popular distros, so you can still use several combinations of distros and versions.

Put your patching on autopilot today!

Extended Lifecycle Support
End-of-Life Linux Security

Running a Linux distribution that’s reached end of life (EOL) – or getting close to the deadline?

To continue operating securely, you’ll need to migrate to a supported distribution.

But these migrations can take up to a year – and they certainly shouldn’t be rushed.

TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) delivers ongoing security patches for up to four years past the end-of-life date, buying you plenty of time to migrate at your own pace.

  • Keep using your end-of-life Linux distribution or software language safely
  • Buy yourself plenty of time to migrate to a supported version or new distro entirely
  • Easily connect to our end-of-life patch repository using a single script – with no migration or reboot required

Protect your end-of-life systems and migrate on your own schedule with TuxCare’s ELS

SecureChain for Java

Gain access to a single trusted repository of vetted Java packages and libraries to keep your
applications secure.

Continue innovating while maintaining the security of your applications

Stay fully compliant with the NIST Secure Software Development

Get a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for each package

Stay compliant with reliable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the delivery of security fixes

Eliminate excessive approval processes, expedite development, and reduce your technical debt

Ensure the direct and transitive Java dependencies you use are free from vulnerabilities, backdoors, and malicious code

Secure your Java supply chain and access our secure repository today!

Enterprise Support for AlmaLinux

  • 16-year support lifecycle + break-and-fix support
  • Extended security updates with continuous FIPS compliance
  • Non-disruptive vulnerability patching
  • Affordable pay-as-you-go application support
Essential Support

TuxCare-vetted repository of AlmaLinux updates with guaranteed uptime and expedited break-and-fix support

Extended Security Updates 

5 years of high and critical security fixes and FIPS-compliant patches for the specific AlmaLinux minor releases

Live Patching

Automated, non-disruptive AlmaLinux vulnerability patches – for both the Linux kernel and shared libraries

Application Support

Pay-as-you-go personalized support available in 5, 10, and 20-hour bundles

Learn more about our Enterprise Support for AlmaLinux




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