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One Solution for All Popular Enterprise Linux Distributions

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Minimize Your Risk While Maintaining 100% Uptime of Your Systems

Minimize Vulnerability Exposure

KernelCare deploys security patches without system restarts or downtime, so you can automatically apply them as soon as they’re available – helping you stay secure and compliant with a number of regulatory patching requirements.

Streamline Vulnerability Management

KernelCare eases the pressure on IT security and SOC teams by helping minimize the amount of time and resources dedicated to lengthy vulnerability risk analysis and coordination between different teams.

Eliminate Maintenance Windows

With Kernelcare, you no longer need to schedule emergency maintenance windows to apply patches – so you can postpone maintenance operations for as long as you need and regain control over when and why you execute them.

Reduce Your Patching Workload

Leave the chaos of trying to coordinate vulnerability patching across several systems behind. Instead, put your patching on autopilot and let KernelCare automatically achieve patching consistency throughout your ecosystem.

KernelCare Enterprise Live Patches All Popular Enterprise Linux Distros, Including:

How does KernelCare live patching work?


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Why Live Patch with KernelCare Enterprise?

Patching that Helps You Always Stay Compliant

By deploying patches as soon as they’re available, you can more easily satisfy a number of compliance requirements related to vulnerability management, including CIS Controls, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, and ISO27001.

One Solution for Your Whole Linux Ecosystem

KernelCare is the only solution on the market that can live patch all popular Linux distributions, helping organizations enjoy the benefits of live patching while avoiding having to pay for costly vendor-specific live patching solutions or support packages.

Outlast Your OS Vendor's Live Patching Limits

KernelCare allows customers to maintain live patching of their existing kernels for as long as they need, ensuring continuity of live patching beyond the 3-6 months typically offered by OS vendors’ proprietary solutions and eliminating the need to align maintenance windows with vendors’ release schedules.

Customize Patch Rollouts in Line with Your Policies

KernelCare gives system administrators a single transparent interface to manage automated patching – including easy integration with your existing IT automation tools for a seamless management experience.

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downtime and maintenance windows?

Extend KernelCare Across Your Enterprise

With the LibCare add-on, your team can keep critical shared system libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, updated with the latest vulnerability patches.

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With KernelCare IoT, you can now live patch ARM64-based connected devices in IoT environments without needing to reboot them.

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TuxCare’s QEMUCare enables automated, rebootless patching for QEMU/KVM, the hypervisor supporting OpenStack, ProxMox, or OpenNebula.

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