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TuxCare is a live patching and Linux security innovator offering affordable cybersecurity solutions that make enterprise-grade support available to organizations of all sizes, in any industry. Before spinning off to become an independent organization, TuxCare was part of CloudLinux – a leader in Linux security innovation that has been continually increasing cybersecurity, stability and availability of Linux servers and devices since 2009.

Our flagship live patching solution, KernelCare Enterprise, was launched in 2014, enabling automated patch deployment without reboots or downtime – and has grown substantially since then. Based on customer demand, we’ve added integrations to popular vulnerability scanners, reporting and automation tools, and an improved ePortal patch server to apply rebootless patches to servers that don’t have access to the internet.
In 2018, we added live patching for connected devices in Internet of Things (IoT) environments with KernelCare for IoT. In 2020, with our customers asking us to add automated live patching for other critical components, like shared libraries, we also created KernelCare+ (now called LibCare), which delivers rebootless patches to shared libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc.
Then, to support our customers who needed security updates for end-of-life operating systems, we launched Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS), which delivers patches for end-of-life distributions and software languages, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linus, PHP, and Python.
In 2021, we found ourselves expanding our security coverage yet again in the form of adding live patching solutions for even more critical Linux components: QEMUCare for virtualization systems and DBCare for databases. With our family of live patching solutions, our customers can now deliver automated, rebootless patches to all popular Linux distributions, shared libraries, virtualization systems, databases, and IoT devices. 
Recently, with the rise in popularity of AlmaLinux as an easy replacement for CentOS and a community-wide demand for a commercial support option for AlmaLinux, TuxCare decided to launch AlmaCare. With AlmaCare, users receive a commercial AlmaLinux repository as well as optional extensions for live patching, painless compliance, and pay-as-you-go hourly support bundles.
TuxCare is more than just a live patching and Linux support provider. We make sure that our users’ Linux-based systems are secure, stable, and reliable – while giving them the personalized assistance they need. We take care of Linux so that our customers can comfortably and affordably use the open-source software they love with the enterprise-grade support they need.
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