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Is your organization prepared?

Security Support for CentOS 7
Ends on June 30, 2024

Is your organization prepared?

Let TuxCare Take Over Your CentOS Security in 2024

Let TuxCare Take Over Your
CentOS Security in 2024

Get the time you need to properly plan, test, and deploy a migration plan to a more recent Linux distribution – at your own pace


CentOS 7 End of Life Playbook

Find out what your options are and develop a game plan

CentOS 7 to AlmaLinux Migration Guide

Step-by-step instructions on shifting to a forever-free, RHEL compatible, community-driven CentOS replacement

Ready to Get 4 More Years of Time to Plan?

What You’ll Get with Extended Lifecycle Support


Fast, consistent patch delivery for all CentOS 7 flaws and vulnerabilities


Quick installation with no migration or reboot needed – just connect to the ELS repository


Guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs) for the most critical CVEs


Enterprise-grade support via a 24/7 customer portal and dedicated technical account management


Full compatibility with your existing infrastructure – just swap TuxCare ELS into place with a simple script


Seamless interoperability with all your existing tools so you can continue working as you did

How It Works

Step 1

Connect to the TuxCare CentOS 7 ELS repository with a simple script – and no reboot

Step 2

You’re fully protected with security patches for the next 4 years!

Supported Packages

TuxCare will extend support for CentOS 7 across a number of areas including Apache and PHP. We will also update Python and glibc as well as OpenSSL and OpenSSH.

Additional commonly used packages will also be updated, including:

  • acl
  • acpid
  • attr
  • authconfig
  • basesystem
  • bash
  • bc
  • gd
  • blktrace
  • bridge-utils
  • busybox
  • bzip2
  • crash
  • cyrus-imapd
  • cyrus-sasl.
  • device-mapper
  • dhclient
  • dhcpv6
  • dmidecode
  • dovecot
  • ed
  • gcc
  • gdb
  • glib2
  • glibc
  • httpd
  • info
  • Iptstate
  • lslk
  • mysql
  • openssh
  • php
  • userspace packages
  • zlib

… and many others.

Ready to Get 4 More Years of Time to Plan?


When a Linux distribution reaches end of life, it simply means that the distribution’s vendor will no longer deliver security updates or patches, meaning it becomes significantly more risky to continue using that distribution – prompting organizations to migrate to a new distribution or purchase an extended support solution like TuxCare’s ELS.

Red Hat will end security support for CentOS 7 on June 30th, 2024. At that point, this distribution will officially be in its end-of-life stage.

You can still use this distribution, but official security support from the vendor will not be available – so you are at risk of vulnerability exploits unless you migrate to a new, supported distribution (like AlmaLinux) or get an extended support solution like TuxCare’s ELS.

Stable CentOS will reach end of life, but you can still use CentOS Stream – which is an unstable release that’s only suitable if you build your own OS, if you’re running it in a single desktop environment, or if you can handle downtime. Users who run RHEL-certified applications on CentOS Stream risk losing support and breaking compliance.

TuxCare recommends AlmaLinux as an ideal enterprise-grade replacement for all CentOS versions. AlmaLinux is a stable, reliable, modern Linux distribution that is 100% owned by a completely independent 501c-6 nonprofit foundation and will never reach the same fate as CentOS. In addition, AlmaLinux comes with an innovative global community and has already been chosen by several top organizations around the globe as their go-to Linux distribution.

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