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How Do you Reduce False Positives in Your Environment?

With such a dispersed landscape of hosts, how will an organization maintain a high state of operational and security readiness while dealing with false positives?

Qualys’ report reflects accurate vulnerabilities
when systems are protected with KernelCare

Tuxcare, a global leader in live patching Linux hosts, integrates into Qualys to help reduce false positive reporting. KernelCare Enterprise loads into memory and provides live patching for kernel vulnerabilities without rebooting any services.

  • KernelCare Enterprise integrates with Qualys automation tools to facilitate faster and more efficient patching, provides better control of your patching server, and gives you better round-the-clock support.
  • Qualys patch management console also could query an API into ePortal to coordinate more automation for live patching with other service updates.
  • Qualys vulnerability scanning and patch management systems, organizations can stay ahead of zero-day attacks by first protecting their most exposed systems.

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