ClickCease Paid PPC CentOS Stream 8 - TuxCare

If you are not yet ready to upgrade your systems or migrate them to another Linux distribution

TuxCare will ensure that your CentOS-certified applications remain secure, stable, and fully operational until you’re ready to move on.

With Extended Lifecycle Support, you can:

Ensure security and compliance beyond the EOL date with up to 4 years of updates for critical and high-risk vulnerabilities

Achieve maximum security for your CentOS Stream 8 systems with support for a comprehensive list of essential server packages 

Gain long-term security for your unique environment, even if you run multiple types of end-of-life Linux distributions

Keep costs down with an affordable extended support option that consistently delivers rapid, extensively tested CVE patches 

How It Works

Step 1

Connect to the TuxCare ELS repository with a simple script – and no reboot

Step 2

You’re fully protected with regular ongoing security patches for up to four years past your distro’s end-of-life date!

Ready to Extend the Life of Your CentOS Stream 8 Deployments?

Sign up for TuxCare’s Extended Lifecycle Support and migrate on your own schedule!




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