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Frequently Asked Questions

TuxCare is a service that helps organizations take care of support, maintenance and security of Enterprise Linux systems. The portfolio of TuxCare services include:
  • KernelCare Enterprise – live patching for Linux kernels. A subscription with out-of-the-box integration with automation tools & vulnerability scanners, priority support, and a separate ePortal server. It is specially tailored for larger server fleets.
  • LibraryCare Add-on for KernelCare Enterprise – Live patching for shared libraries.
  • KernelCare IoT – live patching for Linux kernels on ARM 64. KernelCare for IoT protects devices with on-the-fly kernel updates. The pricing is custom-based and only provided after a POC stage.
  • QEMUCare –Live patching for QEMU/KVM-based virtualization. The service is aimed to eliminate orchestration and migration of the QEMU/KVM-based VMs. With QEMUCare, the entire virtualisation host patching process is turned into a one-time setup of the agent.
  • DataBaseCare –Live Patching service for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and other enterprise open source databases. The service keeps your applications running while your database backend is updated, enhancing database performance, reliability, security and compliance.
  • Extended Support Services – Patches and updates for all Enterprise Linux components & 24/7 incident support. Available for CentOS 6, Oracle Linux 6, Ubuntu 16, Debian 9.
  • Linux Support Services – Basic support package for enterprises using AlmaLinux OS in production infrastructure.

You can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription for most of the TuxCare services. However, Linux Support Services are only available with an annual subscription. Product OEM support for AlmaLinux OS 8 requires a 2-year minimum subscription.

You can purchase TuxCare services via wire transfer or card.

Extended Lifecycle Support services provide updated security patches for the kernel, common shared libraries like glibc, openssh, openssl, and zlib. httpd, mysql, php. Userspace packages will also be supported. Other supported packages include: acl, acpid, at, attr, audit, authconfig, basesystem, bash, bc, blktrace, bridge-utils, busybox, bzip2, crash, cyrus-imapd, cyrus-sasl, db4-utils, device-mapper, dhclient, dhcpv6, dmidecode, dos2unix, dovecot, ed, gcc, gd, gdb, glib2, groff, info, Iptstate, logrotate, lslk, lvm2, makedev, nfs4-acl-tools, nfs-utils, nspr, ntp, opensp, pam, perl, procmail, procps, python, rcs, rds-tools, rhnlib, rsync, rsyslog, setroubleshoot, setserial, setup, sos, stunnel, tzdata, vim, wget, yum-metadata-parser, yum-rhn-plugin

Based on the subscription tier, you will receive different updates:

  • Essential support for AlmaLinux 8 includes but not limited to regular patches and updates for the Linux kernel and core packages: glibc, gcc, elfutils, krb5, libxml2, libxslt, libglvnd, mesa-libGLU, pam, vulkan-loader, zlib, gcc, tbb, SDL, libusb, alsa-lib, libmodulemd, gtk2, gtk3, motif, libacl, libattr, libvirt, libX11, libXaw, libXau, libXrandr, libXrender, libXext, libXft, libXi, libXmu, libXpm, qt5-qt5base, bzip2, curl, xz, systemd, dbus, openssl, gnutls, nss, libgcrypt, libssh.

Most of TuxCare services are easy to install and configure, but if you need help with installation or setting up the patch management or vulnerability management tools – we are here to help. No additional charge is implied – your affordably-priced subscription includes such assistance.

Only Linux Support Services by TuxCare require a yearly commitment which comes with a significant discount. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription when you buy Live Patching and Extended Lifecycle Support services from TuxCare.

Any annual subscription is available with a 10% discount. Besides, volume discounts are provided on 1K, 5K and 10K+ license tiers, and limited-time offers are available when you buy several services in a bundle.

For a monthly subscription, billing will start the month after usage of service begins. Annual subscriptions are pre-paid in advance.

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