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KernelCare Enterprise Delivers Security Patches to
All Popular Enterprise Linux Distributions

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The TuxCare Live Patching Process

As soon as a new vulnerability affecting a Linux kernel is announced,
the TuxCare team immediately gets to work on a live patch.

KernelCare Enterprise then deploys each patch in less than a nanosecond:

We Create the Patch

We create code that patches insecure kernel code with a secure but functionally equivalent replacement.

We Prepare the Patch for Deployment

We compile every patch that impacts the affected kernel and deploy it to our distribution servers.

You Receive the Patch

A KernelCare process running on your server checks our distribution servers every 4 hours. If a new patch is available, it can then be downloaded and applied to your running kernel.

KernelCare Applies the Patch

The KCE kernel module – in a matter of nanoseconds – loads the updated binary into the secure kernel space and redirects all functions to the updated code – and the kernel resumes.


Because this happens in nanoseconds, no processes are interrupted, and no failover condition is ever triggered

Make KernelCare Enterprise Work for You

Live Patch Your Shared Libraries Too with LibCare

The LibCare add-on delivers automated, non-disruptive security patches to shared libraries like glibc and OpenSSL.

Live Patch Your Shared Libraries Too with LibCare

A Few of Our Customers

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  • IBM
  • DELL
  • GoDaddy

With KernelCare Enterprise, we’ve completely eliminated patching-related downtime, we’ve slashed the hours we spend on CVE patching by 72%, and our vulnerability exposure window has shrunk by 90%


In Corporate, we use KernelCare to do Linux OS updates seamlessly and without reboots required. It’s really helped us with meeting InfoSec requirements for compliance and eased the time commitments of my team relating to patching. It’s relatively inexpensive as well.

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