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We Monitor New Vulnerabilities

Our team is always on the lookout. As soon as a new vulnerability affecting a
Linux kernel is announced, we immediately get to work on a patch.


  • 1

    We Create the Patch

    We create code that patches insecure kernel code with a secure but functionally equivalent replacement.

  • 2

    We Prepare the Patch for Deployment

    We compile every patch that impacts the affected kernel and deploy it to our distribution servers.

  • 3

    You Receive the Patch

    A KernelCare process running on your server checks our distribution servers every 4 hours. If a new patch is available, it can then be downloaded and applied to your running kernel – a process that can be automated.

  • 4

    KernelCare Applies the Patch

    The patch is passed to the KCE kernel module, which – in a matter of nanoseconds – pauses all processes, loads the updated binary into the secure kernel space, redirects all functions to the updated code – and the kernel resumes. Because this happens in nanoseconds, no processes are interrupted, and no failover condition is ever triggered.

Ready to say goodbye to patching-related
downtime and maintenance windows?




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