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Open source is essential for modern software development but requires significant effort from developers and security teams to identify, prioritize, and fix vulnerable packages.

Dealing with these vulnerabilities increases technical debt, and product managers are forced to sacrifice adding new features so that they can fix those vulnerabilities first.

TuxCare’s SecureChain for Java eliminates this trade-off by providing independently verified and vulnerability-free Java packages, fully compliant with the NIST Secure Software Development Framework – enabling you to continue to innovate while maintaining the security of your applications.

Minimize security risks by ensuring the direct and transitive Java dependencies you are using are free from vulnerabilities, backdoors, and malicious code

Gain visibility into your supply chain with an assured SBOM provided for each Java package, enabling greater compliance and informed decision-making

Get reliable SLAs for security fixes regardless of their upstream availability so that you can meet your patching policies as well as regulatory demands

Eliminate excessive approval processes, expedite development, and reduce your technical debt by pulling Java components from a trusted Java repository

Attest to the compliance of your Java software supply chain with the NIST SSDF by ensuring complete transparency and security of the Java packages you use

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Unpacking the Benefits

1. Monitoring

We constantly monitor for new versions and changes to supported Java packages, including transitive dependencies

2. Assessment

We use various methods (static and dynamic analysis tools, human code review, etc.) to verify that the package is safe and free of vulnerabilities

3. Patching

We provide reliable SLAs for the delivery of security fixes, helping you meet regulatory demands regardless of upstream release time


We generate a Software Bill of Materials for each package and sign release artifacts

Why TuxCare

We have been consistently ensuring the cybersecurity, stability, and availability of open-source systems for over a decade

We have a proven track record of security patching with over 80,000 patches to date – and growing

Our customer-centric approach ensures we always provide tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and requirements

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