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QEMU Virtualization Live Patching with QEMUCare

Virtualization patching for cloud providers, virtual private server (VPS) hosters, or any other company with QEMU-based virtualization systems. Keep infrastructure patched without disrupting virtual tenants’ systems.

Patching QEMU involves preparing other servers to hold the running virtual machines and migrating them from vulnerable servers. Enterprises using QEMU, large hosters, and virtual private server (VPS) providers can simplify patching by shortening migration windows and no longer requiring hard-to-coordinate load migrations.

While traditional QEMU pathing takes up significant network bandwidth, time and effort to execute without end-user disruption, QEMUCare completely eliminates all this complexity transparently and efficiently. With QEMUCare, patches are applied live, without requiring the server or the virtualization layer to stop or move the virtual machines it serves.

How QEMUCare works

  • An agent is installed on each virtualization host which installs patches directly from the QEMUCare repository.
  • In an ePortal environment, your Virtualization Hosts communicate with the QEMUCare ePortal server that acts as an intermediary.
  • It’s beneficial for Virtualization Hosts in strict isolation from external networks, or when you need more control over patching procedures.
    • No longer struggle with virtual load balancing when you want to patch your host virtualization software
    • Fully transparent to your virtual machines. Your tenants will not even know the virtualization layer is being patched.
    • Centralized management and reporting with commonly used tools and frameworks like Qualys, Nessus or Nagios.


  • $7.25 Monthly
  • $73.95 Yearly(-15%)

TuxCare Live Patching Services Available for All Major Linux Distributions

With 40+ Linux distributions supported by TuxCare, IT teams can be sure all enterprise systems stay compliant, without service interruptions.

For a complete list supported kernels and

patches, visit this page

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DBCare keeps the most important enterprise asset, data, safe by live patching the database server without needing to restart the database or any applications using it.

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