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CentOS Migration Guide

Migrate from CentOS 7 or 8 to AlmaLinux

Choose the Combination of Support Options That’s Right for Your Organization

Technical Support Options

Essential Support

This service suits organizations needing their software from a commercial repository, backed by a basic support contract that handles migration issues across operating systems with the same major version and includes up to 6 years of extended lifecycle support.

Enhanced Support

This service addresses the requirements of organizations seeking enterprise-grade technical support for a diverse range of open-source software without the commitment to immediate, complex, and expensive support agreements.


Security Support

Extended Security Updates

This service is designed for organizations seeking to ensure long-term security and compliance of their FIPS-validated deployments. It is also ideal for those prioritizing stable and secure environments without having to upgrade to a new OS version frequently.

FIPS for AlmaLinux

Simplify your FIPS 140-3 compliance with a complete set of FIPS-validated AlmaLinux cryptographic packages required for regulated workloads, including the kernel, OpenSSL, GnuTLS, NSS, and Libcrypt, and ensure their enduring security with FIPS-compliant patches.

Access the FIPS-validated packages

Extended Security Updates

  • Long-term High and Critical security updates (CVSSv3 and CISA KEV) for AlmaLinux 9.2, 9.6, and 9.10 (FIPS-certified releases)1
  • Full suite of five FIPS-validated modules (kernel, openssl, libcrypt, nss and gnutls)
  • FIPS-compliant security patches that do not change the validated cryptography to ensure FIPS 140-3 continuity
  • Re-certification for cryptographic CVEs (much faster than the general FIPS 140-3 certification process)

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Enhanced Support

  • Enterprise-grade support for AlmaLinux and a range of open-source applications
  • Access to seasoned Linux experts who know AlmaLinux best
  • Pay-as-you-go hourly support in 5, 10, and 20-hour bundles

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Essential Support

  • Tuxcare-vetted repository of all AlmaLinux updates with guaranteed uptime and SLOs for both package updates and security patches
  • Expedited break-and-fix support for AlmaLinux covering migration issues
  • Up to 6 years of extended lifecycle for x.10 version

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1Disclaimer: The minor versions of AlmaLinux eligible for Extended Security Updates are subject to change. TuxCare reserves the right to modify these versions at any time without prior notice.

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Technical Support Levels That Suit Your Needs

Support Level Essential Support Enhanced Support Custom Support
Billing Model Annual Fee Based Hourly Bundles Scope of Work Based
  • AlmaLinux installation issues
  • Migration issues between OSs with the same major version (e.g., from CentOS/OL/RHEL 8 to AlmaLinux 8)
  • Package update issues (repositories issues, package conflicts, missing dependencies)
  • OS bug troubleshooting
  • Kernel crash issues (root cause analysis and escalations to upstream)
  • Hardware support requests
  • Migration requests/issues between OSs with the same major version (e.g., from CentOS/OL/RHEL 8 to
    AlmaLinux 8)
  • Open-source application support
  • OS/application configuration assistance
  • Design and architecture review
  • Data storage and backup assistance
  • KernelCare Enterprise or Extended Security Updates setup/update issues related to the installed open-source software
  • Open-source application support within the predefined Scope of Work
  • Customized solutions (AlmaLinux packages, KernelCare Enterprise patches, Extended Security Updates package list, etc.) based on your needs

Get KernelCare live patching for AlmaLinux and
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maintenance windows

Step Up Your AlmaLinux Workloads

The Many Benefits of Extended Security Updates

Get better stability, more predictability, reduced maintenance costs, increased ROI from hardware investments, and improved compatibility with software and hardware.

Zero Trade-Offs Between Compliance and Security

Run your systems on FIPS-certified cryptography and, at the same time, benefit from the latest FIPS-compliant security fixes that do not affect the validated code.

Seamless Interoperability with Your Existing Workflows

Get support for a wide range of packages, including Ceph, Foreman, Ansible, Kubernetes, MariaDB/MySQL, Samba, containers, and many more.

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