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Enterprise support for AlmaLinux

CentOS Migration Guide

Migrate from CentOS 7 or 8 to AlmaLinux

Get a TuxCare-vetted repository with guaranteed uptime and SLOs for both package updates and security patches

Extend the lifecycle of your AlmaLinux minor versions to maintain the stability and security of your systems

5 years of FIPS-compliant security patches and support for CIS Controls, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001

Automatically apply the latest security patches for the kernel and shared libraries as soon as they become available

Eliminate patching-related maintenance windows, reboots, and disruptions

TuxCare provides enterprise-grade support with pay-as-you-go hourly pricing

  • Commercial repository of all AlmaLinux updates
  • Extended support for up to 16 years (standard 10-year lifecycle plus 6 years of extended lifecycle support)
  • Commercial break-and-fix support
  • Enterprise support for AlmaLinux and open-source applications
  • Access to AlmaLinux experts
  • Consulting and architectural reviews
  • Pay-as-you-go hourly support in 5, 10, and 20-hour bundles

1Disclaimer: AlmaLinux minor versions planned for Extended Security Updates are subject to change. TuxCare reserves the right to change them at any time without prior notice.

FIPS Packages for AlmaLinux

Do you develop and run AlmaLinux workloads for U.S. and Canadian governments or other highly regulated environments? If so, you need them to run on FIPS 140-3 validated cryptography. TuxCare provides FIPS-validated kernel and OpenSSL packages for AlmaLinux to any AlmaLinux users – not just our Enterprise Support customers – at no cost.

Access the FIPS-validated packages

Support Levels that Suit Your Needs

Choose between standard Essential and Enhanced Support coverage options or
request Custom Support for additional requirements

Support Level Essential Support Enhanced Support Custom Support
Billing Model Annual Fee Based Hourly Bundles Scope of Work Based
  • AlmaLinux installation issues
  • Migration issues between OSs with the same major version (e.g., from CentOS/OL/RHEL 8 to AlmaLinux 8)
  • Package update issues (repositories issues, package conflicts, missing dependencies)
  • OS bug troubleshooting
  • Kernel crash issues (root cause analysis and escalations to upstream)
  • Hardware support requests
  • Migration requests/issues between OSs with the same major version (e.g., from CentOS/OL/RHEL 8 to AlmaLinux 8)
  • Open-source application support
  • OS/application configuration assistance
  • Design and architecture review
  • Data storage and backup assistance
  • KernelCare Enterprise or Extended Security Updates setup/update issues related to the installed open-source software
  • Open-source application support within the predefined Scope of Work
  • Customized solutions (AlmaLinux packages, KernelCare Enterprise patches, Extended Security Updates package list, etc.) based on your needs

Find Out How Our Enterprise Support Can Help Your Organization

Talk to a TuxCare Linux security expert to learn more about Enterprise Support for AlmaLinux

Step Up Your AlmaLinux Workloads

The Many Benefits of Extended Security Updates

Get better stability, more predictability, reduced maintenance costs, increased ROI from hardware investments, and improved compatibility with software and hardware.

Zero Trade-Offs Between Compliance and Security

Run your systems on FIPS-certified cryptography and, at the same time, benefit from the latest FIPS-compliant security fixes that do not affect the validated code.

Unlimited Kernel Live Patching Lifetime

Maintain live patching of your existing kernels for as long as you need, eliminating the need to align maintenance windows with AlmaLinux release schedules.

Seamless Interoperability with Your Existing Workflows

Get support for a wide range of packages, including Ceph, Foreman, Ansible, Kubernetes, MariaDB/MySQL, Samba, containers, and many more.


Organizations often deploy products or services on their available hardware that they intend to last for a long time – and no one wants to be updating the operating system after things are already up and running. Updating may bring performance regressions and incompatibilities of the older software with newer kernels and dependencies, causing high maintenance costs during the upgrade cycle.

TuxCare’s Essential Support delivers an industry-leading 16-year long lifecycle for AlmaLinux, extending the industry standard by 6 more years with continued security fixes for high and critical vulnerabilities. At the same time, customers, who need to stay on the specific AlmaLinux minor release for longer than 6 months, can opt for the Extended Security Updates and continue receiving high and critical security fixes for it for 4.5 additional years. Such long-term support solutions enable superior predictability and help avoid the performance and maintenance costs of redeployment to a newer platform.

KernelCare and LibCare provide rapid security patches for the AlmaLinux kernel and critical userspace packages, such as glibc and OpenSSL. They deploy security patches in memory without system restarts, downtime, or disruptions, helping you eliminate maintenance windows while staying secure and compliant with several regulatory security patching requirements, like CIS Controls, NIST CSF, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.

TuxCare has invested in the FIPS validation process to provide the AlmaLinux community with FIPS-validated components for AlmaLinux 9.2 (including the kernel and OpenSSL) for free. However, if not updated with the latest security fixes, the value from the security baseline established by the FIPS certification may be compromised.

The majority of organizations can run their systems on validated cryptography and, at the same time, benefit from the vulnerability patches that do not change the validated cryptography. These patches are called FIPS compliant. TuxCare’s Extended Security Updates service delivers organizations with FIPS-compliant security patches for the FIPS-certified AlmaLinux release for as long as the FIPS certificate remains valid (5 years).

If there is a cryptographic vulnerability, we fix it by delivering a new packaged kernel. Customers can reboot and install this kernel to update their systems. We intend to get every new kernel that modifies cryptography through the re-certification process designed for CVE fixes. It is much faster than the initial certification process for an operating system. This ensures that new kernels that contain a vulnerability fix on their cryptography will be attested to comply with FIPS 140-3 requirements.

The TuxCare’s Enhanced Support option provides an enterprise-grade support service covering a range of open-source software running on AlmaLinux (such as infrastructure applications, databases, web servers, containers, etc.), and also delivers configuration assistance, data storage/backup assistance, operating system migration, and upgrades. Its simplified hourly support pricing (5, 10, and 20-hour bundles) helps you avoid paying costly upfront support package fees and enables you to only pay for the support you need – and nothing else.

All services are independent and can be purchased based on your specific requirements and needs. Contact a TuxCare Linux security expert to get started.

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