ClickCease CISA and FBI Issue Alert on SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

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CISA and FBI Issue Alert on SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

Rohan Timalsina

April 9, 2024 - TuxCare expert team

SQL injection vulnerabilities, often abbreviated as SQLi, persist as a significant issue in commercial software products. In response to a recent highly publicized malicious campaign exploiting SQLi vulnerabilities in a managed file transfer application, impacting a multitude of organizations, CISA and the FBI issued the Secure by Design Alert. They advise senior executives in technology manufacturing companies to conduct a thorough examination of their code to identify potential SQLi vulnerabilities. Should vulnerabilities be discovered, senior executives should ensure that their organizations promptly implement measures to eliminate them from all current and future products. Additionally, they urge all technology customers to inquire whether their vendors have undertaken such reviews.


What are SQL Injection Vulnerabilities?


SQLi vulnerabilities occur when user-provided input is directly inserted into an SQL command, granting malicious actors the ability to execute arbitrary queries. These vulnerabilities stem from developers neglecting security best practices, leading to the mixing of database queries with user-provided data. Attackers inject crafted SQL queries into input fields, exploiting weaknesses in application security protocols. These fields, when not properly secured, can misinterpret the malicious code as legitimate commands, potentially leading to data breaches, unauthorized access, or even complete system takeovers.


Combating the Threat


Software manufacturers can prevent SQL injections by implementing parameterized queries with prepared statements during the design and development stages. This approach separates SQL code from user-supplied data, mitigating the risk of malicious input being interpreted as executable code. CISA and the FBI recommend manufacturers adopt secure development principles, such as taking ownership of customer security outcomes, embracing transparency and accountability in disclosing vulnerabilities, and building organizational structures that prioritize security.

The severity of SQL injection vulnerabilities is underscored by their ranking as the third most critical software weakness according to MITRE. This highlights the urgent need for software manufacturers to act swiftly and comprehensively to address these vulnerabilities across all current and future products.




The joint advisory comes in the wake of a recent wave of Clop ransomware attacks that exploited a zero-day SQLi vulnerability in Progress MOVEit Transfer, a popular file transfer application. This campaign impacted thousands of organizations globally, highlighting the widespread impact that such vulnerabilities can have.

By enforcing the use of parameterized queries, conducting formal code reviews, disclosing vulnerabilities transparently, and investing in security measures, manufacturers can significantly reduce the risk of SQL injection attacks and enhance overall product security.


The sources for this article include a story from BleepingComputer.

CISA and FBI Issue Alert on SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Article Name
CISA and FBI Issue Alert on SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Learn about CISA and FBI recommendations to tackle SQL injection vulnerabilities, urging technology manufacturers to safeguard software.
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