ClickCease "Putting TuxCare Patching Solutions to the Pen-Test | Whitepaper"

Putting TuxCare Patching Solutions to the (Pen) Test

How well does TuxCare patching technology really secure Linux systems? This whitepaper demonstrates how TuxCare’s patching solutions minimize risk scores and eliminate critical, high, and medium-level vulnerabilities completely.

Read this whitepaper to discover:

  • How TuxCare, in collaboration with C1Risk and CYBRI, designed this experiment with four virtual machines (VMs) running various Linux distributions and one of two TuxCare solutions installed
  • How risk assessments both before and after the implementation of TuxCare solutions demonstrated a drastically reduced composite risk score for all VMs involved
  • How organizations can leverage TuxCare’s KernelCare Enterprise or Extended Lifecycle Support to minimize their own vulnerability exposure

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