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Rapid Security Patching
For Linux and Open Source

Fast. Simple. Automated.

All TuxCare solutions include integrations with configuration management tools, vulnerability scanners, ePortal secure patch server, and 24/7 support.

KernelCare Enterprise Live Patching Services
KernelCare Enterprise Live Patching Services

End service interruptions and non compliance due to system reboots

Linux Support Services
Linux Support

Keep all components of production Linux systems always up-to-date

Extended Lifecycle Support for Linux
Extended Lifecycle Support for Linux

Eliminate security vulnerabilities while running EOL Linux

To maintain maximum Cybersecurity and compliance, enterprises need to rapidly patch vulnerabilities, keep production Linux systems updated with the latest fixes, and have a trusted technology partner for support and maintenance.

TuxCare helps organizations by providing support, maintenance, and Cybersecurity for enterprise Linux systems.

Safe, Trusted and Easy-to-Install


We’ve been successfully supporting various RHEL forks for over 12 years including AlmaLinux – a forever-free enterprise-grade OS.


We have passed and continuously maintain various Cybersecurity certifications. And our services have helped numerous enterprise companies, government agencies, and universities achieve and maintain their compliance status.


Our services are designed to go easy on IT budgets. End of life support pricing starts at $4.50, live patching services starts at $5.95. Volume discounts are available when you buy several services in a bundle.

Empowering Organizations to Stay Secure and Compliant

  • TuxCare has delivered patches and bug fixes for various Linux distros for over 10 years.
  • TuxCare supports over 1 million production workloads secured and supported by our services.
  • We have over 1500 customers from multiple industries around the world.
  • TuxCare has patched more than over 80,000 vulnerabilities without reboots over the years.
  • We support more than 40 Linux distribution versions.

Our Customers

1,500+ enterprises, healthcare providers, government agencies, and universities trust TuxCare with their nearly 1M systems, including

  • All
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Technology

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