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Who is TuxCare for?

IT Security & SOC Managers

who want to automate patching so that it runs in the background and erase the need to keep up with and prioritize vulnerabilities

Linux System Administrators

who want to minimize their patching workload and eliminate emergency patching-related maintenance operations

Business Leaders

who want to stay compliant, ensure business continuity, and prevent costly cybersecurity incidents

How Does TuxCare Patching Automation Work?

  •  Eliminate patching-related maintenance windows
  • Automate your vulnerability patching
  • Eliminate patching-related maintenance windows

Why TuxCare?

We’ve released over 80,000 patches – and growing – without reboots

Infrastructure agnostic:
on-premise or cloud compatible

Out-of-the-box integration with automation tools, vulnerability scanners, and more

Deployment assistance and 24/7 priority support 365 days a year

With KernelCare Enterprise, we’ve completely eliminated patching-related downtime, we’ve slashed the hours we spend on CVE patching by 72%, and our vulnerability exposure window has shrunk by 90%

What is live patching?

Automated Linux vulnerability patching with no reboots or downtime required

Conventional vulnerability patching often requires IT teams to reboot the Linux kernel to apply patches, but not with TuxCare. Our live patching solutions deploy patches in memory while the kernel is running, so you can patch all popular enterprise Linux distributions, databases, shared libraries and more without needing to reboot or schedule downtime.

Curious to learn more about live patching?
Check out our Live Patching Education hub

Shrink Your Vulnerability Window

Accelerate your patching timeline by automatically deploying CVE patches as soon as they become available.

Get Your Nights and Weekends Back

Improve your team’s work-life balance and forget about scheduling patching-related downtime at inconvenient hours.

Minimize Your Patching Workload

Reduce your vulnerability patching workload hours by up to 72% so your team can focus on other critical tasks.

Stay Compliant

Satisfy a number of compliance regimes that require your systems to apply vulnerability patches shortly after they’re released.

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A Few of Our Customers

Our Solutions

KernelCare Enterprise

Automated live patching for all popular enterprise Linux distributions without reboots, downtime, or scheduled maintenance windows.

Learn More
Extended Lifecycle Support

Receive automated patches for end-of-life PHP, Python, or a Linux distribution that’s no longer supported, like CentOS 7, Oracle Linux 6, and more.

Learn More
Enterprise Support for AlmaLinux

Get long-term AlmaLinux support coverage with automated security patching, continuous compliance, and pay-as-you-go hourly support bundles.

Learn More

Extend TuxCare live patching to your entire
Linux ecosystem:

Shared Libraries

With LibCare, your team can keep critical shared system libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, updated with the latest vulnerability patches.

Learn More

Virtualization Systems

QEMUCare enables automated, rebootless patching for QEMU/KVM, the hypervisor supporting OpenStack, ProxMox, or OpenNebula.

Learn More

IoT Devices

With KernelCare IoT, you can now live patch ARM64-based connected devices in IoT environments.

Learn More

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TuxCare live patches all popular enterprise Linux distributions, including:

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