TuxCare Services

Support, Maintain and Secure All Critical Components of Enterprise Linux Systems

Live Patching Services

Put an end to service interruptions & non-compliance caused by system reboots

End-of-life Linux Support Services

Eliminate security vulnerabilities while running End-of-Life Linux

Linux support Services

Keep all components of the production Linux systems always up-to-date with vendor-level support services

All TuxCare services include integrations with patch management tools, vulnerability scanners, ePortal secure patch server, and 24 / 7 support.

Empowering Organizations by Making Linux Enterprise Grade

  • 10

    Years Delivering patches & bug fixes for various Linux distros

  • Approaching


    Production workloads secured & supported by our services

  • 1500+

    Customers from multiple industries around the world

  • 2000+

    Vulnerabilities Patched Without Reboots over the last 6 years & counting

  • 40+

    Linux Distributions Supported

Our customers

1,500+  enterprises, healthcare providers, government agencies, and universities trust TuxCare with their nearly 1M systems

Our customers

1,500+  enterprises, healthcare providers, government agencies, and universities trust TuxCare with their nearly 1M systems

Customer opinions


In Corporate, we use KernelCare to do Linux OS updates seamlessly and without reboots required. It’s really helped us with meeting InfoSec requirements for compliance and eased the time commitments of my team relating to patching. It’s relatively inexpensive as well.

Ben Heiskell Director, Infrastructure Software Engineering

Even with a well-managed data centre, an expedited reboot of all your server infrastructure is a daunting feat. When a serious kernel vulnerability is released, KernelCare Enterprise affords us the ability to comprehensively address the issue in a timely manner and without rebooting.

Steven Greenberg United Launch Alliance

The support from all interactions with the TuxCare team at CloudLinux has been world-class, and does not go unnoticed

Peter Minogue IT Infrastructure, Information Technology Services Research School of Biology,The Australian National University

Here at RSB, we run bioinformatics servers which we cannot reboot frequently due to the nature of the research we do. From COVID research, Corals to next-gen genome work. These jobs can take weeks to months to run, and we never know when a short break in the jobs will occur, so can’t easily schedule a reboot. We then discovered kernel live patching; It needed to be simple, professional, affordable and handle a range of Linux systems including Ubuntu, Debian and Centos.KernelCare easily best met these needs, it gave us the peace of mind knowing our kernels were patched and protected. It was so easy to install and apply, and is now all automatic from that point on, and worked on all our flavours of Linux! We can now show this patching compliance to our Universities security team and keep the academics happy and productive at the same time,a win-win for us

Oscar Steenmann Managing Partner

Our reputation is built on commitment to keep our systems absolutely stable. Therefore, we spent a few months trying out KernelCare and testing it. KernelCare has not disappointed, it has proven itself to be reliable on all our AWS-based instances. It is also a lot cheaper than its competitors that allowed us to pass savings to our customers and remain competitive. Finally, looking at our time-keeping stats, we saw that we were spending on average 40 hours dealing with every kernel vulnerability. With KernelCare it takes just 15 minutes to patch the same amount of servers

Dean Suhr President

Quick easy install, automatic - it runs in the background, my server is always up to date ... no downtime!

Alex Wojtowicz Owner

We have been using KernelCare at our EC2 instances and web hosting servers for a long time. We do not run EC2 instances without KernelCare because we think that this is fundamental to bring security and reliability to our company and customers.

Andrzej Talarek Java Developer

We tested it, but to be honest, it wasn’t very exciting - it ‘just worked’.

Justin Jett Director of Audit and Compliance

KernelCare provides services that make server management easy, particularly with regard to security. Not needing to restart a server to get the latest kernel security updates is essential for business-critical applications that can't be taken down for patches. Additionally, their solutions allow some legacy applications to remain secure when alternative options are not available on the market or would be cost-prohibitive to implement.

Philip Rawlinson Technical Director

KernelCare keeps a vital part of our services updated without having downtime from reboots - with all the recent Intel exploits this has been even more valuable than ever. KernelCare also adds additional security to the Kernel making it seem even better value for money. I use it across all our server fleet and would recommend it to all Linux administrators.

Questions About TuxCare

TuxCare is a portfolio of services that help organizations take care of support, maintenance and security of Enterprise Linux systems. 

The portfolio of TuxCare services include:

  • KernelCare Enterprise – live patching for Linux kernels. A subscription with out-of-the-box integration with automation tools & vulnerability scanners, priority support, and a separate ePortal server. It is specifically tailored for larger server fleets.
  • LibraryCare – Live patching for shared libraries.
  • KernelCare IoT – live patching for Linux kernels on ARM 64. KernelCare for IoT protects devices with on-the-fly kernel updates. The pricing is custom-based depending on the specific use case.
  • QEMUCare – live patching for QEMU/KVM-based virtualization.The service is aimed to eliminate orchestration and migration of the QEMU/KVM-based VMs. With QEMUCare, the entire virtualisation host patching process is turned into a one-time setup of the agent.
  • DataBaseCare -Live Patching service for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and other enterprise open source databases. The service keeps your applications running while your database backend is updated, enhancing database performance, reliability, security and compliance.
  • Extended Lifecycle Support Services – Patches and updates for all Enterprise Linux components & 24/7 incident support. Available for CentOS 6, Oracle Linux 6, Ubuntu 16, Debian 9.
  • Linux Support Services – Basic support package for enterprises using AlmaLinux OS in production infrastructure
TuxCare doesn’t have a services trial available, but we do individual POCs for Enterprise companies. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for all subscriptions.

The end-of-life support services pricing starts at $4.50 per system per month, live patching services from $3.95 per system per month. The pricing for the Essential support for AlmaLinux OS is defined on case-by-case basis.

An annual subscription is available with a discount. Volume discounts are provided on 1K, 5K and 10K+ license tiers, and limited-time offers are available when you buy several services in a bundle.

  • For Enterprise teams, we recommend scheduling a demo with a TuxCare expert. They will collect your system requirements, assist with TuxCare services’ set up on your systems, and ensure you get the best price quote.
  • If your systems are secured behind a firewall, your TuxCare expert will need to set up our ePortal secure patch server for your free proof-of-concept. Contact TuxCare team for set up.
  • If you have up to 100 servers that do not require assistance with vulnerability scanners and patch management tools setup and your systems can access the public internet, then you can subscribe to TuxCare services HERE.

Modernize your Linux systems while TuxCare maintains them

Enjoy working with better technology rather than keeping years-old servers going

Learn some new tech instead of constantly patching systems

Allocate more time on supporting your users and close more tickets

Focus on being a more “strategic” and less “tactical” IT team

Eliminate reboot cycles caused by urgent security updates

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