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Set Your System Integration Portfolio a Cut Above the Rest

Enhance your suite of offerings with TuxCare’s popular live patching solution, KernelCare Enterprise, to give your customers something they’ll love – minimizing their downtime, shrinking their workload, and more

Make It Easier for Your Customers to Stay Secure, Automated, and Compliant

Enhance your competencies and capabilities in Linux security by delivering innovative, affordable, and cost-cutting Linux vulnerability patching technologies that your customers will love.

KernelCare Enterprise is a breeze to integrate, only requiring a simple installation script and a bit of quick customization – after which your client organizations will be receiving automated security patches, in the background, while their systems are running.

Many client organizations might not know that they can eliminate patching-related reboots with a live patching approach. Adding KernelCare Enterprise to your solution offerings will set you apart from other system integrators.

Begin Offering TuxCare’s Innovative Linux Security Solutions

Linux Security by TuxCare

Modernize your customers’ Linux environments with two of TuxCare’s non-disruptive  Linux vulnerability patching technologies

KernelCare Enterprise

Empower your users to ensure that all of their vulnerabilities are patched as quickly as possible, in the background, without disruptions with this automated CVE patching solution that delivers patches to all popular Linux distributions.


Say goodbye to patching shared library vulnerabilities with a scheduled system reboot. With LibCare from TuxCare, you can automatically deploy the latest patches to libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, as soon as they become available.

  • Add significant value to your portfolio  with the ONLY solution for comprehensive Linux security
  • Give your customers patching without reboots, downtime, or scheduled maintenance windows
  • Easy implementation with enterprise-grade support
  • On-premise or in the cloud

What Does the Integration Process Look Like?

Read the step-by-step technical instructions that TuxCare
partners use to integrate our solutions

TuxCare System Integrator Partners Can Expect to Gain:

Sales Benefits

  • A dedicated sales resource
  • Access to invite-only partner online trainings and demos
  • Access to special pricing agreements for some clients
  • Discounts for deal registration, renewals, and internal use
  • Deal protection

Technical Benefits

  • A dedicated support resource
  • Trainings for clients
  • 24×7 access to support
  • Access to support portal and knowledge base
  • NFR software access for trials/evaluation

Why Partner with TuxCare?

Enhanced Uptime

Offer your customers near 100% uptime and zero patching-related reboots with non-disruptive live patching

Robust Security

With TuxCare, your customers’ vulnerabilities are patched as soon as patches become available, reducing the risk of exploits

Cost Efficiency

Empower your customers to reduce the time, resources, and potential costs associated with unplanned downtime or system outages

A Trusted Partner

By partnering with TuxCare, you're aligning with a recognized leader in the live patching and enterprise Linux security domains

Customer Retention

Offering cutting-edge, non-disruptive live patching can enhance customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and longer relationships

Simple Deployment

TuxCare's technology is designed to be deployed swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to quickly onboard and provide value to your customers

Ready to Deliver TuxCare’s Linux Security Offerings to Your Customers?




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