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No System Is Safe Without Patching

But, because many vulnerability scanning tools only monitor what’s on disk,
vulnerabilities still running in memory aren’t patched in a timely fashion – leaving
your users’ systems without full protection.

Make It Easier for Your Users to Stay Secure,
Automated, and Cost Efficient

Include Best-in-Class Vulnerability Patching
in Your Products

Give your customers some extra peace of mind and deliver a more secure,
dynamic product by adding TuxCare’s popular automated live patching and/or
extended support for end-of-life Linux as built-in features of your solution.

Offer TuxCare Live Patching & End-of-Life
Patches as an Add-on

Already have a vulnerability assessment or patch management solution? Why not offer a KernelCare
Enterprise live patching or Extended Lifecycle Support add-on that enables rebootless vulnerability
patching with no downtime (including for shared libraries) or end-of-life Linux security?


Choose between co-branding
or rebranding

Easy Management

Via Command-line Interface

Additional Revenue Streams

New high-volume avenues for
business growth

Flexible & Affordable

Competitive pricing and
flexible business models

The TuxCare Difference

Add non-disruptive Linux vulnerability patching or end-of-life Linux security
support into your product or service offering 

KernelCare Enterprise for OEM

Empower your users to ensure that all of their vulnerabilities are patched as quickly as possible, in the background, without disruptions with this automated CVE patching solution that delivers patches to all popular Linux distributions.

LibCare for OEM

Say goodbye to patching shared library vulnerabilities with a scheduled system reboot. With LibCare from TuxCare, you can automatically deploy the latest patches to libraries, like OpenSSL and glibc, as they become available.

Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS)

Gain several years of ongoing security updates for end-of-life Linux distributions that no longer receive security support. ELS delivers rapid, extensively-tested CVE patches for end-of-life CentOS, Ubuntu, and Oracle Linux – and even software languages like Python and PHP.

  • Strengthen your products with the ONLY solution for comprehensive Linux security
  • Offer patching without reboots, downtime, or scheduled maintenance windows
  • Easy implementation with enterprise-grade support
  • On-premise or in the cloud
  • Add significant value to your product portfolio

What Does the Integration Process Look Like?

Read the step-by-step technical instructions that TuxCare
partners use to integrate our solutions

Ready to Get Started with Integrating TuxCare’s Linux
Security Offerings into Your Solutions ?




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