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Monthly KernelCare Update – November 2020

December 1, 2020 - TuxCare PR Team

KernelCare Update - November 2020The KernelCare team strives to make sure you never miss a critical patch. In November, we worked to boost our products’ capacity and provide early updates regarding recent vulnerabilities. Explore more material that makes sysadmin life easier in this newsletter.

Mitigate Vulnerability

These posts on our blog have instructions on how to mitigate PLATYPUS and SAD DNS vulnerabilities. We also encourage you to have a look at this Ransomware article to explore the unique way it attacks Linux-based systems.

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KernelCare Update

We have some exciting news for all KernelCare Enterprise clients! We have upgraded the release storage mechanism. This will enable you to update selected releases in a particular OS. Attention: upgrade to ePortal 1.17-1 is mandatory!

Best Practices for Compliance

If you are already using KernelCare, security might not be an issue for your company, but passing the compliance audit might become a problem; there are strict requirements for immediate patching of vulnerabilities without rebooting your servers.

This set of articles has tips on how to make your enterprise’s infrastructure compliant and reduce the duration of the audit process.

IT Compliance Tools for Enterprise

IT Compliance Tools for the Enterprise: everything you need to know about compliance tools for Banking, Insurance and Healthcare industries.

How KernelCare Works to Keep You FedRAMP Compliant

How KernelCare Works to Keep You FedRAMP Compliant: instructions on how to automate your compliance efforts.

Best Practices for Compliance in IoT: The Role of Live Patching

Best Practices for Compliance in IoT: The Role of Live Patching: why live patching is so important in IoT and how it can prevent you from incidents of data breaches.

Overview of Enterprise Live Patching Tools

Overview of Enterprise Live Patching Tools

This is an overview of Canonical Livepatch, Ksplice, and kpatch so you can compare the pros and cons of all third-party vendors available. You can analyze them and choose the best provider for your enterprise on our comparison page!

UChecker and HeartBleed

UChecker and HeartBleed

UChecker is an open-source scanner that checks network servers and detects out-of-date libraries both on disk and in memory. It can detect HeartBleed and other shared libraries’ vulnerabilities for free. To check if any running processes are using outdated libraries in memory and then update them without a restart, opt for KernelCare+.

Review KernelCare – We Will Appreciate Your Feedback

Follow this link to share your opinion about us. Your feedback is important: it will help your peers to make an informed decision about live patching solutions, and it will help us to make KernelCare an even better service!

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