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Presenting New Design Of The KernelCare Blog

January 21, 2021 - TuxCare PR Team

Presenting New Design Of The KernelCare BlogNew Look, Better KernelCare

You may have noticed that things look a little different around the KernelCare blog recently. And you’d be absolutely right! We’ve spent some time examining how we can better serve you and our KernelCare community and the resulting outcome was a completely redesigned and reimagined blog. Our new design aims to give you more of what you really want, up to date industry and product related news at your fingertips as well as a platform to voice your valuable insights and opinions. 


Why the Change?

To put it simply, 2020 was a big year for us at KernelCare. We rolled out patching of the glibc and OpenSSL, made major improvements to ePortal and fully integrated our product with automation deployment tools and scanners. The cherry on top of our already ambitious cake was the debut of UChecker, an open-source scanner to identify in-memory vulnerabilities. With all of these significant achievements under our belts, we knew it was time that our blog reflect the growth of KernelCare in a meaningful way.


What Can You Expect?

Our goal for the new design was very clear, to provide more of the latest product news and information that you’re already accustomed to in a new, streamlined way. This new layout will allow you to easily access updated product information and prevent you from spending too much time seeking out specific product details. Any time you’re in need of in-depth insights into one of our products, scroll down to the Popular Topics tab and apply the filters that fit your interest such as vulnerabilities, compliance standards for enterprise, IoT, patching, FOSS and more. For the most structured analytical information, you can check out our Editor’s Picks to gain further insight into our favorite products and features.


We are hopeful that you’ll love our new design as much as we do, making it easier than ever to access our articles, share your opinions and more.

Do you prefer the old or new design?


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